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I could not care less about others developpers, that's not the point of this discussion. I own a Razbam module and I expect only excellence from the people working on the project I chose to support.

If someone at your job is mediocre, are you going to set the bar at his level or do you have enough respect for yourself to give the absolute best you can provide ? Rethorical question of course.
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In real life,

For a mechanic, he must spend a year in school (minimum!) to learn the general information about :

The mechanics of flight
engines (jet, turboprop, etc.)
Flight controls
The braking process
the landers
Fuel systems
The hydraulic circuits
Non-destructive testing
The generalities aircraft
Technical and logistical management
Embedded systems
The oxygen function
The pressurization
air conditioning
Armament (the bases)
aeronautical materials
Aircraft easements

Just after, he arrives in a unit, and there he will learn that he knows nothing! he leaves for a minimum of 1 to 2 months of training on the aircraft in question and then he will be sponsored by the elders and after a few years, he will be considered as "dropped" on a machine only.

And I'm not talking about avionics, electricians, armourers, servitudes or even pilots.....

There, you have a French plane, with few documentation, software engineers who are not specialists, aeronautical maintenance personnel and even less combat pilots.

They must translate into their languages, learn, understand (understand each other), interpret and adjust and then translate into computer language from scratch. (and go ahead with French logic.......)

Not long ago, they met a fighter squadron from the French Air Force (it's quite exceptional) who introduced them, explained and asked them a lot of information about the Mirage.

As a result, their understanding of it was necessarily turned upside down!

And you seriously and sincerely believe that in a few months they will correct you all this!??

Come back to earth, enjoy what you already have and be patient, it will happen!

My two cents...
(And as an old FalconBMS driver i was, 3-4 weeks, doesn't matter)

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The best way to calm this neverending storm, would be the Razbam's boss himself honestly explains us the sources of his company's issues.

Honestly or nothing.
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Originally Posted by shagrat View Post
If you can't stand Early Access, don't buy Early Access.
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Originally Posted by HiCKS-BB15 View Post
And you seriously and sincerely believe that in a few months they will correct you all this!??

Come back to earth, enjoy what you already have and be patient, it will happen!
Do I think they could do it in a couple of months ? Of course I don't.

I can only imagine how difficult it is to code all this stuff into DCS. What I am saying for a few weeks now is that Razbam keep working on new modules when they have so much to do on the ones already released with very limited ressources. You cannot hope to finalize an already three years old module with only one system coder when he has to work on the Mirage, the Harrier, the MiG-19 and all the upcoming modules in the queue line. Razbam is just proving that it cannot be done, it's not a one man job and I sincerely feel bad for him to have to deal with this situation.

Decoy stated that Razbam has one coder for each released module. Questions were asked to clarify his statement a few days ago ; at this time we did not hear from him.

I do enjoy the Mirage as surprising as it can be for some of you. And this is because I deeply care about this plane that I'm following its development process. I said it multiple times but I only own the Mirage and fly her daily ; this is why I'm feeling constrained by the module limitations and bugs. At this time I cannot engage in very complex missions because of some systems lacking in functionnality or behavior.

I know for a fact that some of the MLO updates informations had already been provided way before the FAF deal was made by a very knowledgable Mirage 2000 person, his comments has been ignored. I also know that some users are sending very detailed reports of malfunctions or incorrect systems behavior to Decoy for months and that he does not reply to these reports. This is the work of several hundreds hours of flight on the Mirage that are just being ignored for unknown reasons.

You'll find some screenshots of a document I just found yesterday and sent to Decoy several months ago. That's clearly not your average report.

I love the Mirage being flyable in DCS, I love the fact that Razbam got the courage to develop a baguette plane, I definitely love their deal with the FAF. I only have a simple request : finish the job in a timely manner while respecting the promises you made to your loyal customers.

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Yea I agree with the post above (and arguably the Mirage is the module with the fewest problems). Future projects are all fine and exciting, and being ambitions can certainly pay off, but personally I don't see how they can claim they have the manpower to accomplish their goals while at the same time they have (just to list the most notorious things):

a) released the Mig-19 with a flight model that does not allow for any stalls, even after the release was delayed by a month or so to work on said flight model
b) continue with bomb some delivery modes on the Harrier being broken - in a mainly a2g platform at that
c) continue with some air to air radar modes in the Mirage being broken - in a mainly a2a platform.

I do appreciate that they have great plans for the future, but I really wish they would just slow down and focus on their current work instead, because if those aircraft were truly complete they would be just as exciting as a Mig-23 or Strike Eagle. If three coders aren't enough to maintain three modules while continuing development, how are they going to maintain the Mirage 2k, Harrier, Farmer, Flogger, Strike Eagle, Bronco, Falklands stuff (say, a Pucara, Super Etendard and Mirage 3)?

Personally as it stands, I don't see myself purchasing any Razbam module (outside perhaps of sales), while I'm happy to do that for every other studio currently working in DCS. I just personally dislike the "quantity over quality" approach they seem to like. While arguably every studio in DCS suffers from some type of early access issues, I think it's safe to say that Razbam is the only one that combines such a long list of announced future content, with such a long list of currently early access content in dire need of extra work.

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Originally Posted by HiCKS-BB15 View Post
And you seriously and sincerely believe that in a few months they will correct you all this!??

Come back to earth, enjoy what you already have and be patient, it will happen!

The point folks like you are constantly missing is very simple: Razbam sold a product, with a price and with a description of its characteristics.

People who buy it are not required to deeply analyze, understand or be experts of the process behind the production of said product: they rely on what's written on the tin.
If the tin says tomatoes, you expect to find tomatoes inside. If you find no tomatoes, or rotten tomaotes, or any other thing that is not what was advertised, then the company selling it has a problem that falls somewhere between giving misleading information and frauding customers.

Now I'm sure in the EULA somewhere there is some fine type that says you're not the owner of anything, you didn't actually buy anything etc. So technically we are always wrong and they are always right. But the reality is, as ED's customers, we expect that the seller has the knowledge and resources to deliver what they are selling.

If not, then WHY are they selling it, and WHAT are they selling exactly??
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Of course I am aware of that, but this is not about gardening.

Dcs is a sandbox that is constantly evolving. They therefore also have the need to adapt to it, to deal with it.

The Mirage 2000 is their first module and already it is very well done despite some flaws that do not prevent them from flying and enjoying as much in solo as in multiplayer.

Razbam has matured, they have learned a lot and at their expense. They have just accumulated a lot of experience and we can see this maturity growing with the modules they come out with.

You have to be honest, they need money to live and they can't stop all the projects and restart al they have done.
And the chance we have is that they won't give up! They met a French fighter squadron! Who opened their doors to them, it's fantastic and a first on a French fighter!

We all know that, they're working hard on it. They're not perfect in comms but in any case, there will always be grumblers and disgruntled people!

Unless they are humbled, they should count on our trust and above all on our unwavering benevolence.

They are loyal and there can be no doubt about it, they prove it.

I don't think we can measure how much this meeting with the Air Force must have opened up new perspectives for them. They rediscovered the Mirage and also the understanding, the logic of functioning of some systems.

I am even sure that at this very moment they must regularly ask for confirmations or additional information on what they have learned.

Without setting the bar too high, all their modules will benefit from this experience.

We see it on all software and video game creations today, it takes time for the finish to be perfect.

Falcon BMS is the first example, both when it was released and now 21 years later.

I understand your point of view but I do not support it. They deserve to be defended and they know it, it's so easy to add more and more layers (they're not deaf, they're just working), but doing their job is not that simple and they're admirable.

We who love aeronautics, they allow us to take advantage of it by bringing their originality to it, in the choice of planes and fields to come.

A little personal touch, regularly when returning from flight, the pilots had enough to complain about their planes (radar failures, fuel failures, defective inert weapons, avionics failures, birdstrikes, etc...), and yet it helped us to progress, to level up, to become better professional.

Fly safe and have fun!

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Originally Posted by HiCKS-BB15 View Post
Of course I am aware of that, but this is not about gardening. ....

Fly safe and have fun!
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Originally Posted by viper2097 View Post
Would you be so kind to name them or give us anymore info?

In the manual of the Mirage and also the Mig19 are Zeus67 (for avionics) and CptSmiley (for flight model) named. No name in the Harrier manual.
On the Razbam homepage, there are also only these two persons (again for Zeus67 for avionics and CptSmiley for flight model) named as coders.
So, according this info and systemwise, you only have one coder for a bugged and incomplete released aircraft, a castastrophical bugged early access aircraft and one fresh released early access aircraft.

So I'm wondering how this fits with what you are saying?
Which coder(s) is working now on the Mirage?
Which coder(s) is working now on the Harrier?
Which coder(s) just did the Mig19 and is working now on it?

If you don't want to give an appropiate answer, then I must assume that I already know it.
So, 2 1/2 months later, would you mind answering those questions?
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