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Default What does it take to get an issue acknowledged?

It seems that sometimes issues brought up within the Bugs and Problems section of the 2.5 section are either ignored or overlooked leaving no recourse but to repost and ask again. This has been done on at least one thread and it has gone on since June 4th. At that time, it was posted that shadows (exterior) for the hornet were locked to high no matter what level the UI has it set to in game. This has 13 posts on it ranging from June, and again in September without a single response from anyone from ED (Moderator or tester). I sent a PM to a senior moderator to ask for assistance, and that PM has neither been acknowledged or shown any responses within the specified thread. IF in fact exterior shadows are locked in high for the hornet will cause an extreme performance hit to the program that medium to low end systems will find intolerable. IT would also explain why FPS on the ground at Nellis start at 22-25 and climb as the shadow decreases after takeoff. Not looking for an immediate fix or anything, just want someone to acknowledge it is being looked into so we can get it fixed..........

Steps off soapbox...

Thread in question: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=211449
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New video cards are being released. Rtx2080ti should fix your issue.
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It's a Work In Progress aircraft.

I don't think this counts exactly as a "bug" or "problem" as such. I know... It would be nice sometimes if they'd say "We're working on it" about every little thing, but... there's a lot of little things .

I'm sure by release they'll have this issue sorted or we'll know that this is just the new standard.
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What does it take to get an issue acknowledged?
I think communication is broken. Almost a year or more can pass away and ED wont respond even to crash logs.
For example: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.p...ighlight=slots
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Firebird, I too have been frustrated by the lack of answers from ED's and other developers.
Although probably well intention, guesses and opinions and statements of support such as: "Its a work in progress, new video cards should fix your problem (how does he know?), have more patience, just a little longer, and the usual litany of useless remarks, lend one to not post any questions here.

Not worried about every little thing among the lot of little things just a simple acknowledgment concerning abnormalities that have been highlighted numerous times without input from the developer.

If my remarks have somehow stepped on someone's foot.......move your foot. It isn't so much of running out of patience but running out of time.

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I also get frustrated by the lack of response to issues here. There are examples of things promised for almost 2 years, with no sign of anything appearing, and many examples of bugs being identified with no response at all from ED or 3rd party devs.
I believe this is an area that needs to be improved.
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Originally Posted by will- View Post
New video cards are being released. Rtx2080ti should fix your issue.
Throwing money at the problem is not a solution. Five years from now, if there's no optimization, people will be saying "RTX3080ti should fix your issue."
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Originally Posted by will- View Post
New video cards are being released. Rtx2080ti should fix your issue.
Read my specs............1080ti should be enough. Maybe you have a grand to throw at it. I do not.

I also understand that it is "In Work" (been a member here for a while so should be a given) but that does not mean that we cannot expect customer support for issues that are happening. I do not expect a same day, or even next day response every time, but good grief, 3 months.........

Here is another thing. The Mods cannot respond to issues over time, but they can move this to the darkest hole that no one looks at almost immediately. This post started in the 2.5 forum so it could be seen. Guess someone did not want that to happen.
System Specs: MSI Gaming M5 Z370 M/B, I7 8700K Processor, 64gb Crucial Ballistix 2400 ram, 1080TI Video Card, Windows 10 Pro, 1Tb and 500gb Samsung SSD's, 1.5TB HDD, Oculus CV1 VR.

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Mystified why I do not have any issues. Go figure
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We don't, or can't always respond to every thread, because a thread doesn't get noted as reported or acknowledged in some way doesn't mean its ignored.

As well, emailing mods and ED team members asking for acknowledgements will go ignored at times as well because it ends up being a wormhole of having to answer questions over and over on a daily basis. I hope this is understood, it's not meant to be rude, but it can turn into a fulltime job just answering 1 or 2 guys asking you to check this thread or that thread every day. While many of the devs do interact on the forums, its not the norm, and cant be expected 24/7.

None of this means mods or ED Team doesn't care, it just means that they are hard at work on many things. I have been trying to scan the bug forums and report and acknowledge as I can, but a lot of this falls on you guys as well, if you don't report your bug fully or completely, it makes it difficult to impossible to report.

As an example, the post linked in the OP of this thread is a poor report, and impossible to really diagnose without more info, logs, specs, etc. Look at my sig for ways to better report bugs, but if you post something incomplete or in a poor manner, as busy as we are, it may get overlooked. Also, this could be related to the fact that the Hornet is WIP, and it isn't fully optimized which has been acknowledged a while ago now.
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scan the bug forums

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