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Most civilian airplanes use wheels or yokes, and the pilot flies with his left hand, right hand on the throttle(s). Co-pilots fly with their right hands on the yoke/wheel, left on the throttles. Cessna, Airbus, Boeing, Piper; you learn to fly with either hand - no big deal.

Most military jets and helicopters use a stick and you fly with the right hand, using the left on the throttle/collective.

B-29s had the reverse, throttles were outboard, so pilot had right hand on wheel, left on throttles; co-pilot reverse.

Many smaller side-by-side lightplanes have sticks and a central throttle, so again pilot in left seat has left hand on stick and right on throttle, pilot on right the reverse

Personally, IRL when I fly a plane with a wheel, I prefer to use my left hand on the wheel and control the throttle with my right hand. Planes and gliders with a stick, I much prefer stick in right hand and throttle/air brakes in the left.

So - no big deal. Real pilot do it from day one, and no-one thinks about it. Try a wheel instead of a stick if you are a serious lefty - with a throttle quadrant on the right. But it will look odd in a jet fighter or helo! And if DCS ever gets a P-38, the wheel is held in the right hand and the throttles are on the left!

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Lefty here, I fly righty like the F-16 (stick on the right side, not in the center). Never had a problem.

Yes it probably did feel awkward at first, but that didn't last very long. The good part is that I can keyboard with my left hand easier than right-handed people can, and without letting go of the stick!
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