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Originally Posted by cichlidfan View Post
So only ten percent of those that download, keep using it.
Could it be that those numbers assume multiple product downloads per client?

For example, you have one user with XX module downloads (FC3, A-10C, NTTR, etc). That could explain the difference in numbers.
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First F-18 cockpit shot is from old DCS World version. Check the shore.

And 2nd post is F-15 cockpit, right?
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So much good stuff here
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The confess for F-16 its all I can remember!
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Originally Posted by dartuil View Post
The confess for F-16 its all I can remember!
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FYI, just because something is being developed for professional/military use in TBS by ED, doesn't mean we get it for DCS World.

Throwing a random existing example out: laser guided Mavericks exist in the military version of the A-10C module, but are explicitly unobtainable in the consumer version.

That's just a weapon as part of a module, but no reason why it couldn't extend up to full modules or terrain itself.

ED might well make an F-16 or AH-64, but they might not be allowed/want to make a consumer version available. They've already done that with the Predator UAV module for TBS.

Just saying this so people don't get their hopes up.

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Originally Posted by Buzzles View Post
They've already done that with the Predator UAV module for TBS.
Yup, and the Spectre as well.

I suppose however that they didn't see enough market potential for those modules (or there were other key issues that prohibited game market release). I doubt they'd make an F-16 and not try *very* hard to make that accessible to the civil market as well.
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Originally Posted by Darkbrotherhood7 View Post
Guys, take a look on this:

Carrier DLC?
Carrier DLC was already confirmed to be coming to DCS:W

As for the Cockpit shot, it's likely an early WIP/Test Shot, as the animations for lights are all ON, etc, meaning it does not have systems and animations set.

More over, please dont expect items from TBS as garaunteed to be brought over to DCS:W
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