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Originally Posted by Garyss View Post
The new 2.5 blows me away with the scenery improvements. But the ground effects could stand some improvement. If DCS resources and time are limited I would like the aerial environment to take priority.

Anyways, to compare 2.5 to what could be developed on the ground first see how the military vehicle interacts with the water at the 3:30 point as vehicle enters the water:

Then compare the above to this off-road simulation tank’s splashing and surging in deep water at the 7:15 point. Backing up to the 1:20 point shows the strong impact on bushes and small trees. The 4:15 point shows interaction with mud.

Lastly here is an example of a heavy truck chassis creating tracks and ruts in rather deep snow in this same off-road simulation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXW5cfYUR-U
Well, bearing in mind here you compare a flight simulator with a specific tank simulator I think DCS stands quite well…

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Yeah, a lot of things are possible if they went as full bore on simulating the ground as much as they do the air, but realistically, it isn't ever going to get to THAT point. The engine would require yet another massive overhaul, and the sheer computational power required to do BOTH to "full fidelity" standards cannot be overstated.

Right now, focusing on one thing, they have to make countless compromises and skip whole topics simply because it's not possible to calculate EVERY variable and still function on a home computer at all, even a "top tier" one. It would also only be really applied to player controlled vehicles, or those within a few hundred meters of a player controlled vehicle.

There are hardcore DCS level tank simulations in existence already though, like DCS the civil authorised versions of military training tools, but they have no significant aircraft simulation, either

Someday... we'll have both But most likely not until silicon is replaced as the basis for computers We're nearly at the limits of what it's capable of, afterall.
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swimming tanks is a big enhancement. They just need to adjust the swim speed a little.
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I have a few friends waiting to get into DCS, tho not with airplanes but surface vehicles and maybe soldiers at a later stage.

I would maybe start off with WWII tanks, much simpler, less work for the devs but enough to get the tank rolling.

I wouldnt mind a full blown Leopard A4 or Abrahams at a later stage...in like 7-10 years, not kidding.
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Actually, the ground "environment" (equal at sea), require improvements, but I think some movement start to see on CA on the 2.5 with the "float" vehicles, that dont reach actually the "level" of expectations of the "tank" community, but that is only a matter of time.

A little "test" (sorry the bad quality screaming and my spanish talk)

With only a little "love" on 2.5 as:
- vehicles deployed into Landing ships.
- Better sea animations and vehicle movements.
- Troop transport capability into vehicles
- Landing operations with deploy vehicles from LCMs / infantry from LCVP or extract vehicles / infantry by landing ships to ships.
- Complex formations (infantry plus vehicle movement)
- better vehicles functionality and multicrew vehicles

CA can get a bigger jump, now with the no LOS trees, that improve to a next level. Await what is the next movement on CA / ground environment.

Originally Posted by pepin1234 View Post
but if I talk about a new full simulator for Tanks or infantry in general I will bring the same graphic engine with superior features adapted for a ground simulator. A second engine improved to work parallel with this one.
A second engine has not practical, that require a server to connect them, and actually DCS World, can be improve to make them as a "tank / infantry" simulator. I Know the CA environment has very "limited" to a real tank sim, but that require time and a dedicated team to improve them to the Wags to a "tanks, ground vehicles and ships possible".

The easy way, get a pilot-able cockpit capability to vehicles and ships by dlls, similarly to a helo and aircraft, and surely, the community start to Modding vehicles and more. Other point has been export the future aircraft Damage model to vehicles to make a "realistic" armour simulator.

Other point, CA has actually infantry "pilot-able" (Stingers and Sa-18s) with you can walk and run, and some WW2 soldiers animations show more complex animations, get capability to a pilot-able true infantry, with some capability to switch weapons and enter into vehicles, and viola, we have DCS infantry "simulator".
More news to the front
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I did a quick test jumping into vehicles. The JTAC feature works quite nicely in VR now, apart from FLIR for some reason. I am quite excited about it as it looks a lot nicer now in game at ground level
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The game looks just amazing now
I love the sessions of the year. I made a video selecting the Winter where I evaquate soldiers from the Mountains. https://youtu.be/hOy-GVwL-n0?list=UU...ERMZRlyl24KSKw
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Originally Posted by ZQuickSilverZ View Post

The DCS 2.5 graphics are SO AMAZING.
I never really considered buying CA, but this video (and general fooling around at treetop level in 2.5) convinced me. And I finally got to spend some of my bonus points, so it cost me just 6$
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I need to chime in here, because I've bashed ED often enough, credit where it's due. I played CA last night after a bit of VR fatigue and some light desktop work and it's immeasurably good versus the previous map engine. The pathing, roadway, bridges, traffic, graphics, effects, water, trees, line of sight, behaviour and more are all very much better and without many of the classical limitations from 1.5 versions.

Talk-ons are now pretty hard, because trees block visible line of sight as well as the computers checks, and finding angles to shoot at vehicles is now a real thing. That increase in detail is so important because it's getting harder, which is closer to a more realistic (and thus immersive) experience. The differences are probably subtle to a casual look, but CA is a real thing now, not just a side dish. Had a lot of fun last night.
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