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Exclamation corrupt calibration? crazy joystick response? Use this tools to Fix it:

Before you go through following steps to isolate a controller issue - You sure want to have a look in this attached PDF:
Controller Setting info from GUI manual
and make sure that you don't have a double assignment of one axis/button that is causing your problem.

and another note :
Microsoft SideWinder FFB 2 adjustment :
Options -> Misc. tab ->
Check 'Force Feedback Enabled'

Options -> Special tab -> UH-1H ->
Un-check 'Central Position Trimmer Mode'

Options -> Controls tab ->
1. Highlight the SideWinder row
2. Click FF Tune
3. Check Swap Axis for X and Y

DCS-World 1.2.4 has the option to swap each axis individually -the screen shot is taken pre 1.2.3- you want to swap both for the MSSFFB2.

Curves and dead-zones:

Never use curves and dead-zones on the FFB axis - leave it linear.
(at least in a Force-trim Helicopter)
Using a curve will mess up the proper behaviour of your stick, as the FFB is calibrated to the full range of the axis movement and smaller or shifting the axis read out will bring in a asynchrony in the stick movment to the reported position.


You have missing/messed up your default key/button bindings inside DCS?!
Read/follow this :

First some Fundamentals:

You individual controller profiles that are currently in use are stored in this path:
C:\Users\>YOUR USERNAME<\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\..

It is advisable to make a backup of this folder before you 'fiddle' around with them.

!!! Using profiles from others without knowing in which exact DCS version they are created should be done only with high caution and make a backup beforehand !!!

How to reset a 'messed up' keyboard profile to default:

Delete/move this both files :
1. ..\DCS World\Config\Input\Aircrafts\base_keyboard_binding.lua
2. ..\DCS World\Mods\aircraft's\Flaming Cliffs\Input\>your plane/module and mode<\keyboard\default.lua.

Than run a DCS-Repair, so you are 100% sure to use the latest default files.

Than Follow the youtube instruction.

Example for the A-10C Sim Keyboard - you may want to do this after a DCS-update, because the default list got some new key commands that where not there before.

Missing/'greyed-out' bindings and how to make them assignable again


or simply delete the input for a specific module/plane out of your
C:\Users\<YOUR-LOGIN>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input
folder .
It will be restored to default when you restart DCS World.

A summary of the default keyboard bindings in DCS World

>>> DCS World Keyboard Charts

...Still everything 'not right' and not working? --OK, now read on:

I want to introduce you to some tools I'm using since years to maintain my controllers:
Even if is driven by logitech it is not only for controllers of this brand.

Some game controllers don't allow you to recalibrate them in windows or correspondent in a crazy way and you are not able to localize/fix the problem with the windows on board controller utilities - in most cases you are forced to uninstall them/erase them from the registry.

So I want to put your attention on some tools from the Wingmanteam I'm using successfully since years to localize my problems with a various range of controllers.

This tools should not be missing in a virtual Toolbox of every flight simmer!

#1 DXTweak

This tool helps you to analyze your problem and you can monitor the Raw data and and the corresponding movement of your axis. And it also allows you to tweak some settings.

#2 Clear Calibration Utility

This tool clears/erases the stored calibration of a controller out of the registry from windows - so it calibrates again after you used the "one click" tool and reconnected your controller.
This helps especially if you have a "missing range" in your axis or it is not centered properly.

3# JoyIDS Utility

Users that have multiple gaming devices attached to their computers will ultimately face the problem of having to deal with "joystick IDs". A number of games are written in a way that they will only read input from a joystick with a certain ID. The control panel (as well as Profiler) provides a way of switching IDs, but the control panel's way is cumbersome, and using Profiler to switch IDs may be somewhat annoying as well. Both methods have the shortcoming of only being able to move a controller to ID1, without managing other IDs.

4# Poswdm Utility

Poswdm is a utility from Microsoft® that allows you to see axes and button data reported by a game controller. This is a useful tool to confirm that all the axes and buttons are working on your device.
You will find these tools all on

I seen here on the forums many people like having problems with not centered controls or they work not in the full axis range as they should.

I hope this tools help you as they help me. They saved me a lot of time in finding out the what caused a controller problem an giving me back again the trust in my flying skills.

5# TM-Warthog Calibration:
>>> Can You Calibrate Warthog?

6# G940 Force-Trim 'fix'

>>> G940 Trim Workaround

The tools above should you enable to analyse/fix all common problems.
Whatever - sometimes a Controller isn't recognized any more properly - so please use the tool that follows as a least resort:
Originally Posted by CubPilot View Post
I have used all of those too Peter. It's a good idea to have posted it here.

I just used JoyID's along with AutoHotKey to bind my Warthog pinky lever to control TrackIR, short press is CENTER, long press is PAUSE TrackIR.

Here's another one. I found this on some forum in which the problem was a Cougar that would not work on a USB port (or more than one USB port). After using this program to delete all instances referring to "Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar", the Cougar could connect thru USB again!

USBDeview: (<<< !!! don't let you fool you of the "download" advert at the top - scroll the whole page down to download it.
- pete)

USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used.
For each USB device, extended information is displayed: Device name/description, device type, serial number (for mass storage devices), the date/time that device was added, VendorID, ProductID, and more...
USBDeview also allows you to uninstall USB devices that you previously used, disconnect USB devices that are currently connected to your computer, as well as to disable and enable USB devices.
You can also use USBDeview on a remote computer, as long as you login to that computer with admin user.

Still incomplete and something I forgot to cover ?
Please tell me!

If you found this useful you may want to check also this:

Zoom-In/Zomm-Out on PAC1 to make your life easier !

How to unchain the rudder from trim
in DCS-BlackShark

How To: Remove centre detend from Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Paddles
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Click image for larger version

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That seems to be a great tool!

I don't have any issues now, though once I get them I will certainly try this one out.

Thanks for the heads up!
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It doesnt work in VISTA

Pilot from Croatia
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iiiiihhhhaaaa this made my day.. thanks alot.
The Clear calibration utility fixed my problem..

Thanks alot PeterP you are the best.. :-))

Here is my Tread
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Can somebody tell me how to make dxtweak2 work with vista?

Pilot from Croatia
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I dunno 'bout vista but ive been using it in win 7 x64 and it works fine.
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Joystick tool ID request

Got it

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Default sensitivity

DXTweak - Can this tool adjust sensitivity of joystick ? (joystick axis )
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AFAIK only in XP and older systems. Why do you need it? Every civilized sim has this built-in including DCS and FC2.
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This is exactly what I need to try. I recently fried my Saitek Rudder pedals and to fix them I wired the pot to my old Logitech Wingman Digital pot wires. I had converted this joystick to a switch box sometime ago but never used the axis'. The rudder fix worked but I think I'm missing the full left/right outer movement (probably about 20-40%). I think this might be the tool I need to fix that range issue. Thanks a ton for the info and links! I should check if I can adjust this in game first though.......
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