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Default Too many Police Bugattis

There are simply way too many of them.

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Gotta enforce the law somehow.

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I've seen documentaries of them guys driving 200+ in the main streets of their cities (Dubai for example). Police sure needs those to be effective at all
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Ron Attwood
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Can you have too many Bugattis?
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Yes... When you drive like him.
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For what its worth, Dubai police has 14 supercars in their fleet, one of which is the Veyron.
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I count more than 14 on that parking lot alone
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In the DCS World they bought some more because of the many sightings of my mig flying 2 meters above the Street.
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I‘ve been on vacation in Dubai for nearly 3 weeks and I‘ve seen exactly one police car. ^^

But what annoys me far more is the fact that there are way top less bushes and trees around Abu Dhabi compared to real life.

And 50% of the skyscrapers are missing top...or things like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, etc.
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Originally Posted by razo+r View Post
There are simply way too many of them.
Nothing a couple of Mk84s can't solve...

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