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Originally Posted by Secoda View Post
I would shift the SS to SteamVR as many of us are doing with the PD at 1.0 in DCS and see how it goes before I would buy a new card with a 2070. I suspect it will do ok. Especially if OC'd.

XPlane is real demanding in VR one of the reviewer/testers said. Even more so than DCS.

I tried using the SteamVR beta motion setting (uncommented it) and see a bit less judder when looking sideways close to the ground. The DCS FPS display is stuck on 45 FPS. I think the jury is still out about how much of an improvement it really is for my setup/config. since it is in that 58-60 FPS (without the motion setting) at the moment with the Reverb when near terrain. Still doing minor tweaking.

Great news about enabling motion reprojection in the settings files. I did just that last night while still tinkering with audio. BTW, I removed the headphones and they look at first glance to be identical fittings to the Rift. Might be possible to swap them over if the dimensions are the same..

I did not have time to test the motion reprojection settings, just enabled them and set to auto.

What I did find, despite whatever settings you put in sound as default, WMR overrides them, just like Rift did at release, even analogue stuff won't work. Disappointlng since I just bought some new earbuds for it.

Only way to run my buttkicker, so far as I can see is to run a splitter directly off the headset 3.5mm Jack, one to my buds, the other to the buttkicker amp. I will try tonight. More crap cable tied to the back of my headset. However if Rift headphones fit and the Jack still works with them fitted, happy days other than the addition buttkicker cable. A bit concerned about current running the larger drivers and sending the signal to the amp though.

I hate USB audio, God knows why headset manufacturers always insist on it. Cheaper to use one plug and cable I suppose. However it limits what you can do with audio.

BTW. Has anyone found a way to stop Oculus opening when DCS starts yet? It is a pain in the arse.
System spec: i7 4790k, mainboard - Asus Z97 pro gamer, PSU EVGA Supernova Gold G3 850w. GPU Asus Dual OC 2080TI, 32GB HyperX Fury DDR3 1866 RAM, Samsung evo 850 boot ssd, Crucial MX500 dedicated Oculus Driver and DCS storage SSD, Seagate 1TB hybrid drive for other stuff, HP Reverb Pro, TM Warthog, MFG Crosswind, Buttkicker Gamer 2, dual Inatek 4port USB 3.0 expansion cards.

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