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Originally Posted by Solty View Post
Feuselage tank fillls up after wing tanks. If I remember correctly everything above 68% is going to the feuselage.

One more thing. For most missions you do not need so much fuel. With full fuel tanks and drop tanks Mustang is capable of 8h of flight.

Take 30% for most multiplayer missions. That will last for about 40min of low altitude flying.
Thanks Solty. Will give it a try.

Edit: Managed to get on DCS this afternoon. Have a fuel load where I have around 60 galls in the wings and zero in the fuze tank. All assists are off and the Stang is transformed! Dunno what the assists do, but I certainly found taking off far easier without it. A bit of right rudder trim and she lifts off nice and easy without all the shimmying, tyre squealing drama that dogged my previous takeoffs.

First try was a crash and burn mind, too much MP too soon had a wingtip scraping the runway and a graceful curve right into the path of a Bofors AA gun. 2nd and 3rd attempts were far better with a max boost of 45 inches by mid runway and 3000rpm. I found I could get a full 60 inches of boost as well now, when IIRC, last weekend, I could only get 50 inches.

Need to ease myself into it and play with stuff, but I think I may just be able to get along with it after all.

Thanks for the tips guys. You transformed my experience.

If you love the Stang, or any piston engined plane, I recommend you get the Buttkicker esp in VR. When that Merlin lights off and the reduction gear is all clattering and banging, the sensation of reality is err well unreal as you shake rattle and roll in your seat.
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I agree wholeheartedly with the OP. Currently, this sim IS quite inedible.
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Originally Posted by Whirlaway View Post
I agree wholeheartedly with the OP. Currently, this sim IS quite inedible.
Little hot sauce always helps.
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If you have difficulty flying DCS p51, most likely the problem lies with you setup or gears. I have come the way you are on right now. WWII planes are inherently more difficult to fly and have steeper learning curves cuz no computers can take care of this or that for you. Start with response curve setups. Check forum, there are many good suggestions. Also, good hotas matters. My old x52pro just won't cut it sometimes compared to Warthog, which has more precision. After that, practice practice and practice. American planes are powerful but need a lot of training. Lastly, make sure you don't take full fuel out on your flight. Nobody needs fully fueled mustang, which can fly for 1000 miles, for some local missions.
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As the pilot climbed out of the aircraft witnesses say he exclaimed loudly
"THIS PLANE IS CRAP !!" He then pushed a young airmen out of his way and
stomped off to the pilots lounge.


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Ha! That's the next mod -- ground crew picking pieces! Gawkers hanging around with hands in pockets. :-)
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