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Default AI in group aborts mission on shot?!?

Ok I noticed an unwanted behaviour once one of the AI in a group is shot.
The group consists of 4 planes with takeoff, waypoint 1 -3 bombing and landing again.
All 4 members have formation = 4 finger close, dont engage, reaction on threat = off, DONT abort mission.

If one of the 4 AIs gets shot all 3 or 2 remaining members return and land. The Anti Air is placed right behind the airfield. Is that the reason? Is it possible to force them to continue their mission no matter what?

I am using the mission editor with DCS 2.1 on normandy map.

Thanks for any comments!

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May be something behaving strangely in 2.1, I haven't done much experimenting in there yet, but hypothetically speaking you want them set up as follows:

Formation: finger four close
Reaction to threat : evade fire
Restrict jettison : on

Be sure there is enough distance between your IP waypoint and the locations they will be bombing; ~10 miles should do the trick if memory serves; it can cause issues if the group doesn't have time to set up properly for their run.
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developers fixed that bug today YAYYYY

PAI. WW2 big formation. Death of leader will not cause groups to turn around and head to their first waypoint. Added Mission Task to transfer the formation control from dead wing leader to followers.
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