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This is from a post by fearlessfrog and tells you how to edit your logbook.

There is a file called 'logbook.lua' and you can use Notepad++ to edit it and set the current mission in the campaign. It is located here:

X:\Users\(YourWindowsUsername)\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor

The section looks like this:

["campaign"] = "./mods/aircraft/Uh-1H/Missions/en/Campaigns/en_UN-Pilot.cmp",
["status"] = "Active",
["history"] =
[1] =
["stage"] = 3,
["mission"] = "en_UN-Pilot_03.miz",
}, -- end of [1]
}, -- end of ["history"]

..so you'd edit the 'stage' and 'mission' values to whatever you like.

Just follow this and you should be good to go.

You can also take a look at this post by Yurgan telling you how to do it.


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I was able to finish Mission 4 in DCS 2.5.3. (meaning you literally don't have a searchlight), but I have to use some tricks.

SPOILER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

The goal is to be in destination place ASAP when you have still some daylight.
How to achieve this:
Prepare to do many things at the same time, which is:
1. Press Fly (time strarts ticking)
2. IMMEDIATELY start the helicopter. During holding start button you set Radio to INT and call for rearm (I use VAICOM PRO) and leave only front machine guns. Ground crew will tell you several time "What are you doing?" because Huey moves on the deck due to rough sea. It is not the problem. It will get rid of heavy gunners. ALso during startup you change the ADF to Batumi.
3. From this moment you take off ASAP, don't wait for any announcements from copilot.
4. Current OpenBeta is not so restrictive for EGT, so you set your collective at 600 deg. sharp and Fly 120 or alomost 120 knots. I fly 30-50 feet over the rough sea.
5. After setting collective to max allowed value and during flight, turn on the light switch, radar altimeter, lightning, etc. I use Thrustmaster TARGET to map 1 button for all 6 lightning knobs.
6. During flight you will have to keep little bit left rudder, because you are deviated right.
7. From Batumi you follow the road, don't need to fly over refugee camp, you follow the canyon all the time.
8. After some time you meet 3 vehicles which you destroy still during last sunlight.
9. Try to land near the trees just some distance after you killed convoy. I have landed not in proper space, but I didn't have to struggle with wind.
10. Then you have to wait for second Huey, because he was not so fast, maybe 2-5 minutes. I don't remember exactly. When huey arrives it is almost dark.
11. Second huey deploys troops and there is radio transmission about it.
12. You get close to the second huey in ground effect (easier). This time searchlight is a little bit useful. When you land near the huey you are done.

I am looking forward to make this mission again when lightning will be corrected by ED.

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Went back to the Argo campaign for the first time in a few months today, just in the tiniest hope that this mission might be playable... and that screenshot shows what I was greeted with by the time I had only flown over the refugee camp. I mean, that is somehow worse than pitch black. That is a black hole. Incredibly, the lighting is even worse than I remember it being! At least the last time I was able to find and follow the road for a while....

I tried to descend in the hope the searchlight might illuminate, you know, something. The first sign of the searchlight was as I hit the ground.

This is not a pop at the campaign creator (although I do think he should edit this mission until lighting is sorted out) this is a pop at ED, who frankly, should stop their work on new modules and sort out the basic freaking game-breaking problems such as lighting which have plagued 2.5 for almost a year now. I love all the updates and work going into the Hornet, but I think we deserve a reason as to why this hasn't been improved in all that time. Is nobody working on it?? Has it been forgotten??
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