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Default Help! Custom JTAC with radio interaction. How?

I wanna sortof create JTAC radio menu(multiplayer). , but more flexible.
SORRY if this was asked before..

Got this idea from the Su-27 Ultimate Argument campaign.

How it 'should' work;
PREREQUISITES: (a) At least one (multiplayer) aircraft occupied., (b) at least ONE random unitstatus <> destroyed
TRIGGER: Random flag becomes true.

- F10 radio menu 'Command HQ' becomes available when a trigger/flag becomes true.
- F10 radio menu, (multiplayer) pilot chooses radio menu Command HQ,
- Player tunes to pre-assigned radio frequency
- Player then uses a submenu Request tasking,
== Command HQ responds with voice & text: (a) no tasks available, or (b) has a task;

When Command HQ has a task available;
- Another submenu, allowing tasking request from the pilot.
- Pilot uses submenu, and requests tasking, which is any of the random activated units.
- Command HQ responds using voice/text message on a pre-assigned radio freq.
== also, would be cool in LUA-code for the Command HQ to change radio frequency at this time.
- Submenus becomes available: 'Assignment' with options (a) accept assignment, (b) reject assignment, (c) repeat assignment order.
* Pilot chooses (a) accept: a voice & text message is broadcasted on the radio frequency to acknowledge.
* Pilot chooses (b) reject: the script continues.
* Pilot chooses (c) rejects: voice message is played, command HQ screams dumbass etc etc.

1. How do i get a radiomenu into DCS.
2. Multiplayer. Will it work for 1 connected client?
3. How to limit availability only to red/blue coalition?
4. How can one get a menu to activate by trigger
etc etc?

All appreciated.
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