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Default F-5 GBU training Mission

this lesson says to use the F-4 Check in with JATC I do and as its says in lesson F-1 check in time I do and the JATC says no further tasking necessary or words to that effect I cant ever get it to task me tried a number of times done repair all to no avail what am I screwing up this time

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Doh... Had this problem about two month ago, too. Haven't checked since, but from your post, at least someone has the same problem, too. Let's hope, someone has a solution for this.
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Most likely the mission was not updated for 2.5. If the jtac has sees no Target he can only advice you to continue your mission. With the new trees he probably has no LOS.
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I have reported this to DCS and here is there reply Subject: No target in JATC lesson
From: Scott Newnham

thanks for the quick reply.

I have reproduced and reported to our dev team.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I will close this ticket, I hope a fix will not take to long

kind regards

Scott Newnham
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No matter what I do, I always end up receiving the answer "No further tasking available, you may depart..." from the JTAC unit. Is this a bug?
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Yes, the FAC isn't detecting or otherwise doesn't have the group assigned so it can't tell you about it. I'm guessing mission was created before trees blocked line of sight and now FAC can't see the target.

If you change the mission to have FAC - Assign Group("TRG1') and so on then it'll hand off targets. You'll get type 3 since he can't see it though which also means no laser.

Move the FAC unit closer and without obstruction for type 2 or 1 and laser designation.
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