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Default Ka-50 Cockpit Systems overhaul Mod (WIP) -Alpha release-

mod has been removed because its no longer maintained and caused problems in newer DCS versions.
Also it included modified LUA-files from ED and sharing those is no longer allowed

--last update:19.01.2017--BETA

What is this MOD all about:
well i think we can all agree that the Ka50's Cockpit systems are a bit outdated by now compared to the A10's for example.
So i decided to give it an overhaul but stay true to realism. I looked at pictures from the different Prototypes and also of the Ka52's Cockpit and decided that replacing the TV-Screen with a modern MFD display would be a realistic option.
The idea was to control most of the systems by the MFD and its 20 Buttons, so instead of remembering what you mapped to your 'Cougars' you actualy can see it on the screen.
this MOD does not replicate an actual model of the Ka50, instead its a modernized version of our model how i see it (and how i was able to code it)
The change of the HUD was more a medical necessity, because the old pitch-ladder always made me nauseating after 30minutes
so in a nutshell, the only 'real new thing' is the ability to display a terrain-point in your HUD everything else is just another way to deal with the Ka50 current systems.



so finaly there is an Alpha version of this mod. Since its my first mod to be released my hands are sweaty as hell
i decided to release it even without the full manual because i have difficulty writing it because ...english is not my strong language.
anyway, be aware that its alpha and you have to figure out stuff yourself for now (more or less )
Google Drive linke below
General question, post here
Bug reports, please send a PM to keep thread clean

Manuel uploaded

Manuel updated (some functions were missing)

feature update (but no new release version yet, still some bugs to fix)

new release. now considered BETA now and feature complete
DL link below. If you installed it and it "worked/did not work" pls send me a quick PM, even if you hate the mod and deinstalled it seconds later
a tutorial/explenation video will follow (hopefully this evening).

Hotfix: default.lua for joystick was missing so you could not bind anything other than keyboard keys.
the beta version from 08.01.2017 allready has this fix included.

09.01.2017 Hotfix: bug in HUD only view

using the "Scales reject"-function of the ka50 to hide FPM and Horizonline to clean up hud. MFD box was remove and Shkval is now back at its original place.

there is now a "HUD Only" version available that leaves the Shkval completly original. Of course any function releated to the new MFC-Shkval are not available.

Feature List (stuff will be added as i implement it)

*overall cleaned/decluttered to improve overall readability
(removed most of the Scales, moved Shkval off-hud-indicator to bottom)
*added Horizonline and larger pitchladder and VVindicator
Flight Vector Marker
ability to display "Point of Interest", this can be a Location,
NAVTGT or Abrismarker

modern LCD replaced the TV.
removed "light-bleeding" into the HUD with nightvision
20 new buttons to control the MFD and its function

-MFD Functions
easier use of NAVTGT and DATALINK
Display locations/Coords as Markers on the HUD
Coords can be directly entered (JTAC), copyed from abris or from PVI
ability to determin if you have LOS to a Marker/point
Database with Missiondate and Custom textpages (set by player or mission designer)


----Full Mod ---- BETA release!
--FULL MOD version:15.01.2017--
--HUD Only version: 19.01.2017--

since it replaces many files make sure you make a backup of your ka-50 folder. Manual will also be in the Download-link.(still a bit lacking and outdated ...sorry)

unpack the zip file to 'C:\DCS\Mods\aircraft\Ka-50\'

hopefully you made a backup....

UPDATE from Alphaversion(31.12.2017):
best way would be to copy the original files back or run a repair of your DCS installation because some files that had change previosly are no longer included in the MOD because of changes in the file structure.
most important would be the Fonts.lua in your scripts folder. if you see strange letters or "(NULL)" everywhere, chances are you are not using the original Fonts.lua (copy from backup or repair DCS)

how to use:
still working on the manual, but short version:
Bind the new keys to your Cougar (Controlls/MDF)
   11   12   13   14   15
1                         6
2                         7
3                         8
4                         9
5                         10
   16   17   18   19   20
some buttons have a Short press function and a "hold for more than 1 sec"- function(in both cases the function will be called when you release the button)

known issues

the lcd monitor does not react to lighting conditions
no clickability, you have to use the 20 key bindings
if you find a bug, pls send a PM, its easyier to keep the thread clean.
General questions belong in the Thread, course they might interest others

Thanks to every other modder out there (yes i looked throu your stuff and learned) and everyone who documented something, no matter how small

mod responsible - make Backups!
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Looks very nice, the Blackshark is one of my favorite modules .. wish you luck with this development
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Will those buttons get usable and will they do something?

Otherwise, good luck and looking nice

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An upgrade to the clunky data link? Count me in
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Originally Posted by razo+r View Post
Will those buttons get usable and will they do something?

Otherwise, good luck and looking nice
if you ask if they will be clickable, maybe.
but there will be 20 new Keys in the controlls so you can bind them to the thrustmaster Cougar Panels for example.
and yes those will do something, like in the a10 mfds
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Very nice, I may have to buy a Cougar panel or two now! Good luck with the Mod.

If it doesn't hover, it just sucks and blows
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A little update, hopefully i can get a video going the next days to better show the functionality.

MFD buttons on the right side are linked to the NAVTGTs of the PVI. you can switch throu them and save them with just one click (TGT MEM) or recall them into the Abris/shkval so you can slew you shkval to the TGT.
The small BOX in the HUD shows the position of the NAVTGT, like in the A10c.
Also the MFD tells you what to to when you want to save a point for example. like "Lock target" "uncage shkval" etc.

The HUD is obviously clean up, and it does not change much when switching modes, so you dont loose important information.
The big line represents the horizon like in the M2000 and the little arrows left and right of the CenterMarker move up and down with your Vertical Velcocity.
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awesome !!
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ok i managed to make my first youtube video ever
just a quick show how you can create NAV Targets, cylce throu them and display them in abris/Shkval/Hud using the MFD


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I'm correct in assuming this won't pass the integrity check for MP?
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cockpit, ka50, mod

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