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I hope the never release it and keep teasing us every few months with videos and pics.

Am I serious?



Because to me it's like foreplay...
(also because I like seeing the consternation on everyone else's impatient face)
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Originally Posted by SVTONY View Post
According to who, a couple of people lol?

ED has released one aircraft module as early access and they never told us there was a specific time frame for finishing it. I don't understand how they got a reputation for releasing incomplete aircraft modules by releasing only one.

ED and Razbam stated clearly what you were getting in early access, so it's your fault if you feel deceived.

I'm happy ED and Razbam release aircraft as early access and I hope ED does the same with the F-16C as well. I'm actually able to learn the aircraft fully this way, instead of being overwhelmed with a massive amount of information to process.

In order to stay on topic, I wish we did have some quick update on it.

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Originally Posted by BoneDust View Post
Some kind of "sorry, not going happen" would be nice. Any update at all really.
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Originally Posted by Strikeeagle345 View Post
Some kind of "sorry, not going happen" would be nice. Any update at all really.
Agree...the silence and lack of any information at all is a little disturbing. I (many others on here too) did buy it over two months ago now...

I know that a release could be as late as March 20, 2019 but I was hoping at least for some updates, previews of features, the manual, etc...until then.
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Dino Might
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Some tweaks:


'Twas the night before Christmas, in the virtual hangar
Not a creature was stirring, not even a maintainer.
The planes were all parked by AI with care,
In hopes that St Nick Dackard soon would be there.

The pilots were nestled all snug in their racks,
With visions of Tomcats fighting cruise missile attacks.
But I with my HOTAS, had donned my trackhat,
My Hornet just settled on number 4 cat.

When from minimized programs a pop-up arose,
I alt-tabbed to windows to find the new post.
To the Firefox window with no time to think,
I checked "accept cookies" and clicked on the link.

Only a logo in front of my face.
As the scrubber progressed just ominous bass.
When, what came after intro with Meteor song,
But the F-14 Tomcat, for which we've waited so long.
To be entirely honest, I think manual release in January, and early access in Feb is likely. Though I still say I'd have taken the chromecat from a year ago just for the fun of flying it, I think it's prudent of them to make sure they are comfortable closing any major open issues and having a solid module with few bugs on release. They also need time to get ready for the holidays, not just celebrate them. Not sure about you guys, but we just spent tonight getting a tree, then there's the decorating, getting the place ready for family to visit, wrapping presents for the wife and kids, and oh yeah, finishing all that regular work stuff that gets crammed in around this time.

I have been waiting decades for something like this, but if it means a (more) relaxing time with family for this holiday season for us and the devs, I vote to let it slide to 2019.

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