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Default Problems with TPOD/GBU I have watched a gazillion videos, read all the guides, but I MUST be doing something singularly stupid. (DCS 2.5.5 not BETA)

- Load up GBU-12
-Set up FUZE to T IN
-Mode AUTO
-Set Laser Code in DMT
-Designate a Target
-Switch to TPOD (Points at Designated Target)
-Set Laser to ARMED. Set LASER to "LASER" (not TRNING or MARK)

EDIT: I created a new mission in the Editor and tried again. This time, everything seemed to work OK, but the Big flashing D is still in the HUD. This time I saw the "L" flashing in the TPOD, but when I again tried to Enter and Exit AA Master Mode I got the GAUT symbology again and the flashing L disappeared.. though Mav-E and GBU still seemed to Guide. I again had ONE errant firing of a 9M when it looked like I was in GBU Auto Mode, but resetting to NAV->AG->Redesignating, it seemed to work OK..

When I fire the Laser I do NOT get the FLASHING L in the TPOD.

On the HUD, I see a Flashing "D" which seems to alternate with a string of ZEROES.. (Maybe some error/Debug code?)

HUD MODE is in RAUT, and it looks like the GBU is dropping and Guiding, though it seems to miss by a bit, (but that could be my Designation) but I don't know why the L isn't flashing and what that D is all about.

I had a secondary problem where at some point I must have entered AA mode (my AFC switch is on the same switch I use for AA, and sometimes moving the switch RIGHT for AFC triggers an UP or DOWN press and puts me in an AA GUN or Sidewinder mode). Even when I re-select AG MASTER MODE and Re-designate a ground target, my GBU HUD says "GAUT" and not RAUT or BAUT.. and pressing PICKLE button fires AIM-9's. When the AIM-9's are gone, it just toggles the //// symbology for no Weapon even though I have the GBU selected and bomb fall line. No matter what, I could NOT get rid of GAUT or drop a GBU. How do you CANCEL the AA mode for good? What is GAUT?? I understand Barometric and Radar altitude usage for bomb calculations but G?


EDIT: I created a new mission and tried again. Things worked a little better but still have the flashing D in the HUD. Flashing L in TPOD worked...some of the time, though guidance for GBU and LMAV seemed to work OK. I tried switching to AA mode and got one errant Aim-9m launch, but was able to reset and get a GBU off.

EDIT2: So I saw the D in a Grim Reapers Video using JDAM and CAP said it stood for DESIGNATE..

I went and did a JDAM TOO run, but I had a T in the HUD after Laser Ranging. Seems like I did see a D at one point...this time stable and not flashing.

Twice so far I have had DCS CRASH when trying to do a SECOND TOO JDAM attack on a second target. JUST as the JDAM counter got to 99 I hit PICKLE and the game crashed.

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