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It's job was to get in the air and at altitude as fast as possible and shoot the missiles and land.

Not sure the early marks had a gun.
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Originally Posted by Rudel_chw View Post
I'd love to fly an F-104 on DCS: 60`s avionics, multirole, used by a lot of Countries, a natural oponent to the Mig-21 .... I'd purchase it on a heartbeat
Oh yes, the Starfighter would be a really nice addition to DCS.
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In the late 1940s the RAF wanted a short range high climbing interceptor and it was also originally designed at a time when they were not sure if they would be getting an engine with Reheat (Afterburner) - that is why it was designed to fly Supersonic without afterburner (supercruise)

Speed was the priority thus stacking the engines reduced the frontal area for a very low drag design - however the fact the configuration was never seen again (AFAIK) would suggest it was too much of a compromise.

The belly tanks on the early versions could be jettisoned (IIRC)

RE above - the only single seat Lightning that didn't have internal guns was the F.mk3 - however they could replace the missiles with an internal 30mm gun pack if required.
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Ah yes the only aircraft to be so ugly that even the air wouldn't take it.

Should it be in DCS? Sure. I just don't know that it's marketable.

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Originally Posted by Akatsuki View Post
Oh yes, the Starfighter would be a really nice addition to DCS.
Must have. F-104 should come with a "bribary" DLC as a early-access bonus
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Some looked quite striking in polished aluminium alloy skin, though if some of the information about it is true, not sure I'd fly it in combat.
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Originally Posted by joey45 View Post
Fast yes, superior......... no so much.

can you prove that on DCS.

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The Lightning certainly has some aerodynamic issues that make it a handful to fly, but to say that a Draken is comparable in performance (i.e. acceleration and climb) is not really a true statement. The Lightning could given an F-15 trouble in climb/acceleration. I don't ever remember seeing the Draken cited as being a world class climbing aircraft. I think of the Lighting as an F-104 with more power/weight and maneuverability, but less stability and a much less capable weapons/radar.

I would love to see the Draken (one of my all time favorite aircraft), the Lightning, and the F-104 in DCS World. To date, I have enjoyed all three aircraft in The SFP1/WoX/SF2 series games. But after a taste of the Viggen, I really want to see a DCS Draken. As a die-hard air-to-air virtual pilot, the Lightning and F-104 are extremely appealing, too. The problem is that DCS tends to pick one variant, usually the latest/best and will never get around to releasing other versions. Aircraft like the Lighting, F-104, and MiG-21 went through some radical revisions that really changes the way you fly/employ the aircraft in combat. The Lightning in particular was very hard to fly in its initial production form and was progressively improved. So it is nice to fly the different versions, especially the first and the last to contrast the refinement in flying qualities. The F-104A vs the F-104G wasn't as big a change, but still had some significant changes in stability and power-weight. The MiG-21F-13 is really quite a bit different from a MiG-21bis between increased weight, increased thrust, upgraded avionics/weapons, canopy changes, etc. I would love to fly every variant in between, too, especially the PF and PFMA.

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Ugly?... are you crazy?
well maybe with the external fuel tanks but clean, I think its beautiful!
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As a Brit, I can only say after the Spitfire our designs manage to throw up some of the ugliest flying machines ever. The Lightning isn't close to ugly in comparison to some.
Love to see it in DCS but this really was a proper old fashioned interceptor, a rocket, and I can't see the appeal of intercepting as a game, where much of it is a ground calculation for a narrow window and the weapons are probably less accurate than a modern Hydra.
Apparently it was interesting to fly.
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