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1)rudder forces and effects of the 109.
are you really of the opinion that the 109 pilots in dcs should be restricted in rudder deflection already during the takeoff run? the way it is now in dcs, full deflection is only possible at really really slow speeds, and already during the later parts of the take off run, the pilot will not be able to give full rudder deflection due to the forces.

the same is true for the stick forces acting upon our 109 pilot. at speeds way below 300kph IAS he will not be able to pull the stick completely back...
and what makes me personally really sceptical that the stickforces are implemented correctly, is the fact, that once you lose 1 elevator, you all of a sudden can turn much tighter at higher speeds, which for me at least doesnt make any sense.
whats your opinion about the matter?

2)ground physics outside of airfields and runways.
please try some take offs and landings with unlocked tailwheel in the 109 somwhere in the grass fields on either of the maps in dcs, away from airfields and runways. i would be interested whether you think this is implemented correctly...

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