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Polychop Simulations
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Default Polychop Simulations OH-58D Kiowa

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

Polychop is proud to reveal to you the module we’ve been working on for the past two years, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Licensed by Bell Textron and with the input and feedback from many very dedicated subject matter experts from the Kiowa community, we think the OH-58D module will be on par with the other high-end helicopter modules currently available in DCS World.

Fitted with the iconic Mast Mounted Sight and a vast array of weaponry we think the Kiowa will stand its ground and have its place in the DCS World eco-system, capable of fulfilling many roles ranging from recon and AFAC to close air support and anti-tank warfare, day or night.

Learning from the past and including subject matter expert input and testing right from the start, countless hours have been spent at coding a new and true to life flight model to a point where we can honestly say we’re proud of the result. We don’t take that statement lightly as we know the flight model of our previous module did not live up to expectations. That said, the SA-342 Gazelle module will be updated in time with the new technology developed for the Kiowa. The same amount of time has been spent on meticulously coding the implementation of all the systems, devices and weaponry available to the Kiowa’s crew.

Parallel to the coding, a true to life and detailed visual representation has been modelled and fitted with high resolution PBR textures to ensure stunning visuals that make it a joy to play with. With a fully clickable cockpit and all the correct switchology in place it will surely make any Kiowa pilot feel right at home. That said, a lot of work is still to be done on both the art and code. This process will continue for the next few months. An expected release date can not be given at this time.

Being a licensed product, the OH-58D module has to adhere to the standards set by Bell Textron, which we believe will in turn benefit the community in terms of quality control. Both the high but expected standards set by Bell Textron and lengthy but needed contract negotiations and legal requirements with Eagle Dynamics led to the fact that the development of the Kiowa module up to this point has been sort of a public secret. With multiple parties involved and no signed contract we could not share as much information with the community as we would have liked. We have to point out that at this moment, no contract has been signed yet but the latest draft is one we think all parties can agree to. With a contract on the table that is acceptable for all parties involved, the time has come for us to share with you the status of development.

We’ll be doing this by posting periodical situation reports during the remainder of the development process. In every one of these sitreps we will go over a number of features already implemented and the things we are still working on.

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Will be a first day buy for me!

Hopefully, we can get some interesting features with this module such as the ability to fire sidearms from the helicopter at ground targets below: https://youtu.be/BXidMT1mhPA
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Day one for me!
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Fantastic news - thanks for sharing. That's definitely a day-one purchase for me.

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Good news!
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Obviously im still abit wary given the Gazelle situation but if you can show us the progress you have seen to have made and bring the standard up to were it needs to be, ill buy day one. Good luck to you.

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Awesome! This one fitting really a Gap in DCS. Great Choice, Polychop!
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Breaking my own Policy.
Day One Pre-Order.

Ps. Love the Gazelle and the work you are doing on her. Keep it up! D.s
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Brilliant Stuff! Can't wait to fly her!
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Yes! Nice!
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