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Default F-5E Fuel Consumption

Is it possible to obtain fuel consumption data for the F-5E from the F-5E flight manuals? If so, if someone could tell me what charts to look for and how to read them I would greatly appreciate it.


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Have you looked in the manual?

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Part 4 of Appendix I of TO 1F-5E-1 is the “range” section and probably has the closest thing to what you are looking for. That is where the constant altitude cruise charts and nm per pound charts are found. Examples for the use of every chart in Apendix I are at the bringing of each respective part.

Part 10 provides an example mission and goes through the solution from taxi to landing. It would take an afternoon to go through the whole process however haha.

Have you thought about getting your own no wind numbers for quick and dirty calculations? Like loading up the editor with the aircraft stores you want and cruising constant airspeed/Mach at 5k, 10k,15k,FL200, etc, and writing down your TAS (F2 view) and fuel flow. Then cruise fuel would be an easy calculation for you.
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Yes, precisely what tom19d said above. You could actually create a set of tables for the DCS F-5 fuel consumption. By flying in a few Block altitudes and recording the FF from the actual FF gauge in the aircraft, going from say 80% RPM to MIL, in 5% increments and then AB. This is sort of reverse engineering what you want if you're unable to find it. But will give you the actual figures that DCS is using. If you throw it into excel, you can formulate the data into a pretty good fuel calculator for different phases of flight. Can even calculate the fuel in lbs/nm so you can estimate distance remaining as well. Our squad has done this and have a pretty good little tool that works for most flights and phases of flight. Tables are broken out into 3 block altitudes using average fuel consumption across a set of block alts. for LO. MED. HI Alts encompassing all from 80% RPM - AB in 5% increments. It's not a bad little tool. Gets the job done. You know what they say...close enough for government work!

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Default Can you share

Not trying to be snarky or anything at all, just askin. Would it be possible for you to share your spreadsheet with the community? That would be a nice gesture and would save a lot of people a lot of work.
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A little more data might be found in this Grim Reapers video:

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Originally Posted by SPS48A View Post
Not trying to be snarky or anything at all, just askin. Would it be possible for you to share your spreadsheet with the community? That would be a nice gesture and would save a lot of people a lot of work.
Haven’t seen that “pretty good little tool” yet. Or, am I being snarky?

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