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Default Rotary knobs, how to?

Hi Guys,

Great to hear that the NS430 system is implemented in dcs.

Since i mainly fly in vr it is a bit a pain in the ass to use the rotary knobs with your mouse (especially when not on the ground).

Is there a way to buy two physical knobs and connect them to a pc via usb?

Help would be appreciated.

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If you want to mimic the real thing, Leo Bodnar offers ELMA E37 stacked rotary encoders and matching knobs, which you'll have to wire up to a suitable interface board (I think you can DIY that with a $3.60 Arduino Pro Micro and MMJoy).

The off-the-shelf stacked encoders are quite expensive considering you can get normal ones as a bag of 10 for $6 from China, but apparently they are almost exclusively found in avionics and other markets where high reliability is important, so no one makes a low-quality cheap alternative.

Warhog did a DIY solution with nested brass tubing and some gears for the A-10C TACAN panel:
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Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you have an idea if the Leo Bodnar knobs would be suitable to pair with an arduino board?
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Yes, the Leo Bodnar stacked rotary encoder works just like any other rotary encoder, there just happens to be 2 of them. The encoder comes with a breakout board to make it easier to use breadboard-friendly PC pins with it, but you will have to solder everything yourself.

If you've never attempted something like this before, I recommend you pick up an Arduino or Teensy and a cheap rotary encoder from Adafruit or Sparkfun. It should cost you $30 or so. You can see how difficult it is, and if acceptable, you can then commit to the Leo Bodnar one.
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