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Default Su-25A


I just bought Su-25A while it was on sale, and I must admit it is really fun to fly

I really like the laser targeting and actually all.

What are your Thought's?

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Originally Posted by kalas1988 View Post
What are your Thought's?
Back on its day, I really liked flying this little aircraft .. this is the video that actually convinced me on picking her up:

Here I have a playlist with the most useful videos that I found about her:

Best regards
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it is the plane i like most among the fc3 planes.
i really would like to have a full fidelity su-25a
btw i hate su-25t, ugly as hell
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This is my go to ground attack plane, very fun. I much prefer the speed and agility over the precise but clunky Su25T variant. I hope the 25a can get some love in the future to improve the textures/model etc!
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I would love to see both the "Rook" versions to get a full fidelity module. A Su-25A first and then the Su-25T.

It would be the ultimate CAS aircraft for Soviets and Russian (okay, they have SM, SM2 and SM3).

The interesting side is that for some reason I find my bearings far more easily in Su-25 than in A-10 or any other aircraft, and this even without map.
The Su-25A is nicely agile, not that Su-25T is so much worse (it ain't), but because you don't need to play with the Shkval system and you are just faster to get 2-3 rockets on the target on approach.

I am still little questionable about the laser designator capability to be moved in Su-25A as any slight pitch/yaw change means your cross movement follows the aircraft instead the position stabilization. And the crosshair is clearly stabilized to the range (ground) and it can stay there even in wild turns etc, but not when you are moving it at all?

I am as well waiting to see the new damage model in Su-25, as right now why I don't like A-10 is that any hit to you basically destroy your computers, HUD and something else so you are required to return to base or eject. While Su-25 can take far likely the hit or two before need to turn away, and even with a single engine you can still operate on battlefield (while not such agile manner).

There are few things I would like to see quickly updated in Su-25A:

1) Allow to remove that gunsight camera. It takes so much space that it is on the way!
2) fix/implement the rest of the weapons configuration panel.
3) fix/implement the rest of the navigation computer panel.
4) fix the mirror, so it would have correct FOV, as well show the buildings and trees as well instead flat low texture terrain.

The Su-25A is the module I recommend for most people over L-39C/ZA, and why you ask? Because the Su-25A has basically everything that one needs to have to learn to fly with easy to fly Jet Aircraft, be capable to launch some A-A missiles and drop bombs and launch rockets, but you have the capability to perform A-G operations in a great success and still get it so low price.

And Su-25A is reason why I recommend to ED to turn the L-39C trainee seat/slot as freeware to be offered by those who own the L-39 module so they can take any other DCS pilot to skies for training.
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I also find the designator behaviour odd when adjusting the position. This makes it really hard to adjust the cursor and usually you do not have alot of time before you are in the effective range of AA.
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I always took the laser behavior as what you get from a tiny window sensor that doesn’t have a lot of space for extremely good stabilization. I find it an advantage when you know how to use it
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one of my favorite aircrafts in DCS, even study level ones. Love the simple hud and the steampunk vibe of the cockpit.
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