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Default [RARE VIDEO] MiG-21Bis cockpit and ASP sight view

Fantastic video of Croatian MiG-21Bis! Lots of nice footage from the cockpit and the ASP sight.

Notice how the fixed net is a bit different IRL. It has a very nice orange tone to it, just like DCS: Mi-8 sight. Making it easier to see the pipper.

Hiromachi, maybe something that can be updated with the new cockpit model?
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Excellent video! Wished it was longer
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Great find, it might be decent for sound sampling.

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Cool very cool
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Cool video.
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Thanks for sharing
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Nice vid!

At 2:36 I hear an engine spooling down before touchdown.
I was under the impression that this would cause you to touchdown very roughly; or at least that's what tends to happen in DCS.
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thanks for sharing . Vid makes me keen on hopping into "my MiG" with nice clean canopy and pit like those ones
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It looks like the SPO-10 has been replaced. Is there any information on the system the Croatians are using? Fascinating to see original 21s still in service! Thank you for the video!
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My wish is that they take a look one more time the FM.
That they evaluate one more time, how the stick travel, commands the aircraft surfaces and the effectiveness off aileron and rudder in low speed maneuvering.

Every video I've seen like this great footage, brings me nostalgia of previous Mig21 versions. Expect the pilots are always flying with SAU Stability on.

Off course I believe that the module may lacks in various other systems as a realistic functionality, but the FM is the first thing We virtual pilots feel and notice.

Being always aware that my only flight experience are simulators and mig21 previous release versions and nothing more. But don't feel really incorrect.
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