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Default Fuel Consumption

I’ve made a comparison between the fuel consumption shown by the Harrier in game versus the fuel flow figures as published in the A1-AV8BB-NFM-400 performance manual for low altitude cruise.

For the test I’ve used a clean aircraft with full internal fuel and a resulting mass at the start of the test of ca. 22400 lbs in caucasus map with DCS World Stable 2.5.4 26825.
The atmospheric conditions were ISA and no wind.
I’ve compared the findings with the official numbers for a 22000 lbs airplane with a DI of 10 as shown in figure 5-8 of that manual.

As a conclusion one can derive from the comparison a higher fuel flow for the AV-8B in game of up to 58% at lower speeds (300 KCAS) diminishing to less than 5% around 500 KCAS.

In the attached pdf-file the numbers in brackets indicate the fuel flow numbers as given by the manual while the leading numbers represent the fuel flow as noted in game.
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Nice research.

Try to make this info noticed by DECOY using a Private Message if he is not aware.
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That’s a good point, thank you.
I‘ll do that.
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Thank you for the PM, will pass this to the testers

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Thank you, Sir.
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Did this comparison test as well, just didn't open up a new thread for it as I first noticed another problem there: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...8&postcount=13

The numbers were closer before the thrust/rpm changes, just don't have exact figures since I didn't do this test before the change.

Thanks for having a look into it

PS: Still having issues with the new throttle range due to the changes... I almost flew this thing by heart asleep and now I keep having issues due to being comfy with the old modeling...

PPS: Couldn't find any tables that relate speeds or thrust values to % RPM... I'm actually wondering what data the changes are based on

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