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Default Looking for relatively experienced F-14 pilot or pilot-RIO pair, for a squadron

We're forming a squadron with some guys and we're attached to a larger milsim group.

We operate a joint F-18 and F-14 squadron. The only two experienced pilots, myself and another guy, are F-18 pilots.

We would like for a pilot or ideally a pilot - RIO pair to join us and help teach our F-14 nuggets. We currently have two pilot - RIO pairs. It's not a requirement that you're an ace, just competent.

In addition, the squadron may split in the future, to separate F-18 and F-14 squadrons and in that case, you could become the F-14 squadron lead.

The current structure is that I am the "CAG" and we have an "XO" for the joint squadron. If we split into two squadrons, the F-14 squadron will get its own "XO". I'm using " " because although we do have a structure, we don't have ranks, at least right now. It's just a way to delegate responsibilities and organize flights and taskings.

We're in the process of setting up a dedicated server and it's probably going to be up and this/next week. We're also transitioning to SRS for comms.

For the moment, we train two days per week, Monday and Wednesday, at 19.00 GMT. The current plan is that a little later, this will become one training and one co-op mission per week.

The position comes with a small salary, paid by the head of the milsim group, not me.

PM me here or on Discord if you're interested and we can have a chat. The group's Discord is https://discord.gg/vaDATt

Thank you for your consideration.
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I can do either f14 seat. Im.way more experienced in front from dce but abt at 90% on the back..
I fly this the jf17 and uh1 best.
I have all the terrains and many more planes... just dont use em
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Harker im sorry i cant deal with those guys

One said "ni**a we just flying" at onenpoint. After mocking ppl more when i signed off i said 'im not your "ni**a"
And everyone exploded on me but didnt say anything to him.
Thnen they proceeded to childishly.threaten me (my dad works at microsoft) whem i told them i wasnt being called that and actually me protesting being called that is is NOT racist.
Xoxo love was the one who inhad the main problems with but i cant do it
You insisted on naval fighters..someone yelled at me.for asking for a jf spot since.. someone was flying a spit and half were flying f16s. But i got all caps yelled at fornwanting to fly the jf17
Look the in game f16.isnt the n.
Noone was training * at all*
The spitfire definitely was never in the USN.
Im all set - I cant fly with such toxic ppl let alone teach
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