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can you also mod normal runways like that? looks good
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Thanks, I'm not sure, I'd have to have a looj and see if there is a wet map for runways as well, but my mind is stuck on SC for now I'm really enjoying it!
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Originally Posted by Jafergon View Post
I've been doing some experiments with the wet deck effect. There is a texture map that controls the amount of reflection when deck is wet. Currently it's a very soft fractal noise that makes causes the reflection to be very uniform and a bit flat.

I've added water coming from the padeyes because of the wind, given some structure to the acumulated water and some wind created structures. I think the effect looks kind of cool and over the weekend I'll post a link. I'm also experimenting with the deck roughness and bightness.

Supercarrier is a masterpiece and it has a lot of potential for growth, both coming from ED and user mods, I'm really impressed!!

This looks brutal and greatly improves what is seen by default. The default wet track looks horrible.
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