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See the "Pilot Display Unit" thread an example of the PDU that was installed in the old days.
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As promised in my earlier post...



In the Rocket and Gun you can overlay the MMS feed in the background and there are multiple ways besides the laser to choose your firing/azimuth constraints.

Hellfire would typically have the MMS image overlayed in the background. There are multiple ways to determine where your missiles will look/ fly to then look for properly coded laser energy to home in on.

As has already been stated these modes were intended for shooting from a hover while hiding in trees in Germany as the Soviets advanced. By the time of GWOT the idea of hovering fire was the equivalent of suicide' there are no trees to really hide in, staying still gets you killed and we didn't have the power in many of those places to execute hovering fire. I have seen and used hovering fire for a Hellfire engagement, but running Hellfire engagements were not uncommon and the -64 uses this as a technique as well. The only time I have ever seen or used hovering fire was in a training event because "we have to teach you this, but you won't use it." Running/ diving fire keeps you alive and helps your ballistics.

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Sharpie?! You mean grease pencil!

TC 3-04.44 4-97

c. Aerial ballistic reference mark (ABRM)/visual engagement:
(1) Priortoflight:ABRM-pilot/co-pilotmeasuresfromthebottomseamofthewindscreen(wherethe riveted metal strip meets the windscreen) and marks a point 24 inches up with a grease pencil. Then measure from the center seam of the windscreen outward 12 inches. This is the center point of the ABRM. Mark the point and make parallel 3/8ths inch wide by 3 inch long horizontal and vertical lines. It should look like the outline of a plus sign. To improve visibility during NVG operations fill the outlined ABRM with “red” grease pencil.

Chapter 4
(2) In flight: Place the ACP master arm switch in the arm position and the gun switch to the armed position. Fly the aircraft to align the ABRM or visually align the aircraft to the target and engage by depressing the weapons fire switch. When using the ABRM mark do not move your head to move the mark onto the target but attempt to use the mark as the center point which aligns the helicopter with the target. Note the impact point of the rounds in relation to the target. Make adjustments as required to effectively place rounds on target.
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Originally Posted by gdotts View Post
How much does a Kiowa cost..... and the United States Army uses for its rocket and gun aiming device a sharpie!! That's a third world country technology.

It's a JetRanger helicopter with a big delicate camera mast on top, not exactly well armored. I think the primary attack profile is with hellfires from behind cover, if you're close enough to use a gun or rockets, you're probably too exposed. It makes sense to me why the rocket and gun aiming system would be an afterthought.
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Originally Posted by Calicrook View Post
Sharpie?! You mean grease pencil!

TC 3-04.44 4-97
I already corrected myself days ago:
Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
For guns and rockets: Sharpie crosshair on the canopy glass.
For Hellfire: Mast Mounted Sight

Edit: It wasn't a sharpie, but a grease pencil as barundus explained below.
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