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Originally Posted by rel4y View Post
I have made ten CH sensors and three CH mainboards today. If anybody is interested send me an email over at
Installed mine yesterday, all working fine

I actually had an entire game session where I didn't have issues with the axis not going from 0-100% correctly.

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Sorry for the long radio silence.

Good job @ maz0r! Sexy looking CH Throttle!

I have been working day and night the last weeks. And I would like to get right back to it, so just a few quick updates for now.

I have a working contactless prototype for the ANT elevation pot of the Cougar and the ANT RNG pot is in progress, though unusually tricky. There are also more interesting Cougar mods coming up, but I will reveal these later. Since I got a few questions about them, CH Fighterstick gimbal and dual stage trigger are on hold for now.

I am currently setting up production for metal parts of the Force sensing stick. My force sensing option will finally be a unit to original F-16 specs and fitting sim pits again (since Arend, the FCC3 mastermind has sadly passed away). Furthermore there will be adapter plates for the Cougar and Warthog. Initially the FCC will come as a Cougar mod (using the Cougar electronics), but the Warthog and standalone version will follow suit soon after. The Warthog laser cut adapter plates will be made within the initial contract.

Currently I am setting up a laser cutting contract for the stainless steel plates needed. The CNC milled Cougar/ Warthog stick adapter parts + special parts of the electronics will be quite expensive, so I might need to set up a kickstarter to cover initial production costs.

Since everybody loves pictures, here you go.

For all that didnt get an email response from me in the past days, expect one today. Overall I am pretty much out of stock on Cougar mods (expected back in stock within two weeks), but I have made a few more CH sensors and CH upgrade mainboards if anybody is interested.
Cougar, CH and Saitek PnP hall sensor kits + shift registers:

Shapeways store for DIY flight simming equipment and repair:

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This sounds very interesting R4ley!

Still very happy here with your USB standalone Cougar TQS mod.

Also managed to clean the ANT pod and Microstick with Kontakt 60, WL, 61 chemicals (along with some proper bending of the inner pod contacts tnx to cougarworld). They run buttery smooth again without any spike, just like new. Contactless pods may be a worthy investment though in the future.
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Oh boy! I was anticipating for this update since the first teaser pics of the new FCC! So, it's getting closer to becoming true!
If a kickstarter is needed, count me in! or as they say: " Shut up and take my money!"
What a great homage to Arend also...
I don't want to downplay your other projects though! The contactless ANT and RNG upgrades are very important also!(I'm looking forward to them!)
...Basically all mods for Cougar are important (I can't stress enough how much!), especially when there is currently no alternative replica in the market and no plans for a new version on the horizon...
Thankfull for your work Rel4y!
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Just got hold of a Cougar, so count me in!!!

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