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Originally Posted by Snacko View Post
This is a great tool! And just like the OP said, I tried several other mappers, but found them to cumbersome or totally confusing. But I used to use the Saitek Profile Editor, which had a ton of features that many people didn't know about. I find this tool easy to use and understand.

Great work!!

After many hours creating a profile for the F/A-18, today RSMapper would not load the file. Arrg!!

But I figured out that for some strange reason, the GUID and even the Name of my Racing Wheel controller had changed??? I just had to save a new file and compare the devices. I copied the new Name and GUID into my old proflie and it loaded!! YEA!!!!!!

Here is my racing wheel device:

OLD : <DeviceInfo id="943478b0-6001-11e7-8001-444553540000" name="Thrustmaster FFB Wheel" selected="False" />
NEW: <DeviceInfo id="94f30dc0-6001-11e7-8002-444553540000" name="Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel" selected="True" />

And as you can see, I have it selected as False in my original profile because I don't use that racing wheel. So, why is it even being saved in the profile?
The software will recognize and save any USB controllers currently plugged in at the time of launch. Also, if you get rid of/remove a device, you will need to edit the saved profile using Notepad++ or something that can open XML (regular notepad will work it's just easier to read with NP++) and remove the 'removed' device from the xml and it will load properly.

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