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Originally Posted by Gimbal View Post
I understand trim pedals are ideal but the aircraft shouldn't be unflyable with a twist stick. Imprecise? Sure. Unusable though? That would suck.
I havent used a twist stick in about 20 years so ive got no advice there. Possibly unmap the pedals from the twist or turn it off, and map them to a switch on hotas. Or put a serious curve on the twist axis. Ive found that light rudder is good most of the time but sometimes you need some solid rapid kicks too.
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I'm having different issues making this plane so damn hard to fly. it's the forward visibility and ACM stuff. I bleed too much speed in turns etc and have a VERY tough time pointing the nose where I want it. and just when I get where I want to, I lose the plane by the time it's on my hud, which seems smaller or something.

I can fly fine in cruise, land, take off... it's just the dogfighting that's getting me. I never had so much problem DFing with a plane.

you're right that it's like a cessna. you do the wrong thing, and wing dips and you need to counter. rudder use is very important, and I'm also getting used to that.

I don't see myself having a chance against a mig 29 with this thing. I can barely kill that mig 21 lol

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Originally Posted by Harlikwin View Post
I havent used a twist stick in about 20 years so ive got no advice there. Possibly unmap the pedals from the twist or turn it off, and map them to a switch on hotas. Or put a serious curve on the twist axis. Ive found that light rudder is good most of the time but sometimes you need some solid rapid kicks too.

Maybe I'll try binding it to a button or just go back to the very basics. To be honest, I'm 100% sure rudder plays a huge part in flying the Tomcat, but I've yet to even once be in a position where I think "Rudder would help.".

In basic flying I've yet to see a need to ever touch the rudder, I guess this is really incorrect? Is rudder something that's strongly used outside of ACM?

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I personally don't fly the Cat any different than I did the Hog. Well, at least while cruising. Trim when needed, don't jerk the stick around. Nice smooth inputs until there's a point where that's no longer possible. I just did my first trap in the Cat. Not a perfect CASE 1 approach, but I got her on deck and caught the 4 wire without a whole lot of effort. It just takes practice like with any of these modules. Now if I could only get my butt coordinated when it comes to high AoA turns in combat......
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Originally Posted by Gimbal View Post
I love the F-14 and I'm certainly no stranger to DCS or flight simulation in general. I've flown many modules and high fidelity add-on aircraft throughout the years and nothing has given me as much trouble as this.

I've been doing nothing but fighting with the aircraft when it comes to controlling it, maintaining speed, altitude, etc

Maybe it's an over-reliance on modern HUDs or poor airman-ship in general but there are some very basic things I'm struggling with and just can't seem to wrap my head around despite hours of practice. I've watched a ton of videos but these are mostly on how to interpret the systems and procedures "Make sure you're at 800 feet by X" and not really "Here's the proper way to descend in a turn and maintain 800 feet".

-Getting the aircraft level is a pain, or even just descending and ascending, I'll be going down at a decent vert-speed, touch the throttle a little bit and now oh look I'm descending faster, or even climbing, or anything but what I want to do.

-The same issue for maintaining a speed, this is a little bit better but coupled with the altitude issue it's just extremely hard because if I touch my speed or even breath too hard the aircraft is going to do something I don't want it to do.

-The on-speed AOA is really confusing, maybe I'm looking at it too much from a hornet perspective, but I can't find any resources that explain it. "It says I'm slow so I'll speed up, annnd not I'm at +30 degrees."

I'm really doing my best to hang in there and doing everything I can to teach myself, but not being able to accomplish basic tasks such as holding an attitude and speed, climbing or descending and maintaining an altitude is really discouraging, much less doing these things in a turn or such.

I have no idea what I'm doing so wrong but I'm fighting on the edge of just not being able to control the aircraft sometimes. I can always get it to do generally what I want, climb, descend, increase speed or decrease speed etc, but doing any of this with accuracy is absolutely destroying me, especially with a pretty lengthy flight-sim background.

I'm enjoying the ride, but yeah, I feel your pain. I'm fighting the airplane almost every step of the way.
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Am loving the analogue nature of the aircraft, I find I am flying it much the same technique as the Spitfire in IL-2 while dogfighting. Just keeping it flowing and controlling the power!
Having no issues using the HUD elements as additional info, but will take Victory's advice and try flying her with the HUD off to get used to using the other indications. Spent a fair bit of time in the F-5 so no HUD isn't a problem, and I don't even have the Hornet so no bad habits gleaned there lol.

Interesting note about the 5 degree depressed horizon line on the HUD, once you bank over a certain amount, the zero line moves to equate to the horizon - so 'technically' it is correct when you're turning. I believe it is depressed 5 degrees when level to fit the HDG tape up there too.
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Its one of the last and the best Pure Breed. Its a Ferrari.
easy does it. get to know her....
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As always I still have much to learn, but this Tomcat is a dream to fly. It’s so stable and smooth in the pattern - IMHO, way easier to fly from the break to landing than the Hornet. I’m thinking it rewards a light touch at slow speeds. To me, it feels the most like a real airplane of the jets in DCS along with the L39.
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A 1950s Corvair, 1960s Aston Martin or an early 70s muscle car. They had power, guzzled gas, were impressive to look at and you could feel the power as you just barely put your foot down on the gas.

On the other hand, the year 2000 ushered in a host of luxury sedans that had cushy, warm, adjustable seats, ABS braking, satellite radio, GPS on screen navigation, more reliable engine performance with computerized communications and fuel injected systems - just to name a few.

It does not mean one was better than the other or easier or harder to work with. Its just what it was at that time in history. The 50s & 60s knew nothing about the developments to come, so they worked with what they had.

The Tomcat is a 50s 60s powerhouse with no frills, no computer to think for the pilot, none of the cushy advancements in technology that you have become accustomed to in say the Hornet or the Harrier.

One is not better or harder than the other. They are what they are in their time of history.

Don't compare the Tomcat to what you know of other planes. Let it be itself, unique in history as one of the most iconic birds ever to grace the skies.
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The only breakdown of the analogy is the 2000's Luxury Performance car is faster and more powerful than the 50-70's cars. I mean these days a big 4 door is knocking on 4 second or less 0-60 and they can turn.

Something like a Hornet does other things better, but it's not as fast or maneuverable.

That being said, once you learn the Tomcat, you'll be better in the Hornet.
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