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Mighty Pleb
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Default X52 Probelms

I am using the Saitek X52 (non-pro edition) and it was working fine (and still is) except for 2 problems. I installed the software and driver, that's (I think) what caused this. The first is it no longer reads my pinkie trigger. Whenever I try and bind my cannon to it, it doesn't read it. Second, the sensitity on the lower pad has gone much higher. I have that bound to look around the cockpit but now it is super sensitive. I imagine it's a problem with the software, anyone know how to fix it?
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I have X52 pro, last round of updates caused my controls to stoop functioning. I had to install previous version of driver.
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Thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=38663
Answer: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?...89&postcount=6
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Don't use the 27 driver use the one before it I think it's 17 not sure I'm on my iPhone
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I play with a guy using a X52 and he has a very similar issue. Whenever his pinky switch stops working he needs to OPEN the control panel (right click x52 icon in task bar and hit control panel). While it's open in the background his pinky switch works fine. Really strange.

Though Chump's answer is more likely. But you never know.

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