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David OC
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Originally Posted by Maverick1202 View Post
  • Best hardware setup to build (gaming rig vs. gaming laptop)
I would go gaming rig with good cooling over a laptop, unless you are moving around all the time. DCS / well all flight sims are very hard on PC hardware.
So we have seen heat throttling on laptops. It's when the laptop cannot disperse the heat generated, so it limits it's performance to cool down.

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What I have noticed a lot on these forums is that the attitude towards the FC3 models can often be very dismissive because they are low fidelity. So anyone new coming to DCS can be forgiven for thinking that they are ultra-basic. They are absolutely not. They adhere to the same sets of physics for their flight models as the full fidelity models. Take-offs, landings, and all of the bits in between are just as challenging And, although simplified to a fair degree, these are not your War Thunder planes.

Check out some of YouTube tutorials for the SU25-T to see just how involved these planes can be. There are months and months worth of play out of this plane alone. And it’s FREE! Yes, of course the full-fidelity models are more taxing, and take things to the next level. But the FC3 models are a fantastic springboard. Not only that, but if you buy the full FC3 package, which is incredible value, you get a good spread of planes to try. At the moment, with the sale on, the FC3 full package is $24.99. They are almost giving it away! And that can then be used to steer you towards your full fidelity purchases of the future.

And also well worth listening to the guy that suggested VR. It is a total game-changer. The difference between looking at a picture of a world, and being IN that world. Most people who have sampled the delights of VR never, ever go back, myself included. I don’t think I could play “flat” now, even for a bet. Once in, your whole mind and body is fooled. Even when taxiing, when I bring the plane to a stop, my head and upper body nods forward a couple of inches. I just can’t help it. Such a weird feeling. And, after a long sortie, getting back to base and opening the canopy, and genuinely feeling that you are sucking in fresher air, and feeling less claustrophobic. VR is one of those things that you try your best to imagine, but cannot even come close without trying it. It does demand a fairly hefty system to run it though, which is it’s biggest pitfall.
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FC-3 aircraft mostly lack the detailed clickable cockpits or the detailed systems modelling. There is a lot of fun to be had in flying the F-15C or Mig/SU they are a lighter aircraft but they are still good fun to fly.

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Originally Posted by Lange_666 View Post
In short, Steam takes a 30% income cut from the developers just for playing pass through gate.
Many forgets that everything that Valve does with its speculated 30% cut, is provide everything the developers needs to do business.

Valve host files, they provides all the servers, networking, marketing, forums, feedback, payment etc systems for the developers to utilize.

All the developer itself really is required is to just upload files to Valve's offered service and Valve takes care of rest.

But if the developer itself already has everything else in the place, all the electronic stores, backup servers, beta programs, forums, support systems etc etc and are paying all their networking and servers all across the world.... It might not be benefit to have Valve there too.

But if Valve brings more buyers that wouldn't otherwise come, then it is always benefit for the developer. And each user using Steam is not away from Developer, as it is as well less requirement for investment to developers services and systems.
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