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Since I'm actually at home now and not at work, I can give precise mission trigger data.

Unit that triggers mission end is 1st unit of 9 units of convoy.
Group name: "Transport Leska-12"
Unit name: "Transport Leska-12 head"

Trigger is = Unit dead: "Transport Leska-12 head", sets FLAG 4 to ON
Once FLAG 4 is ON, in 15 seconds, mission is failed

Also there is trigger "Explosion1" which is activated once transport leska-12 is in zone and beside explosion, it activates all enemy ambush unit groups. Total about 48 infantry, excellent skill and all armed with AK-47. RPG's in mission are actually explosion triggers.

To make matter worse, unit "Transport Leska-12 head" gets exploded once 50% of convoy is dead, so it gets destroyed in trigger, thus triggering mission failed.

However in all my attempts, it got killed first, thus mission end in 2 min 30 sec since "Sergey" group gets attacked.

I'm sure there will be someone less sensitive about my comment that will know how to use this information

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Is there any point in buying the Republic campaign from sale if these problems exist or has anyone experienced such problems with that campaign?
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Personally I'd simply see a YouTube video from somebody who actually manged to complete this mission in DCS 2.5 ;-) I agree, you adapt your strategy because you know what's going to happen. However, you don't see the enemies and it's just firing "randomly" where "they migth be". I often saw the "Mission failed" very quick and I lost interest into that mission after maybe 15-20 unsuccessful attempts.
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I've finished this campaign, using VR, it's very nice but I can't imagine someone can succed in it without "labels on" (I use really small ones, dots, chevrons, etc...).

Some missions needs all your ammo with minimal possible misses, while ennemy units are under cover by trees (DCS 2.5 new tree coverage change the missions into "impossible" ones, wich of course is still possible like in the movies...but so hard).

But I wanted to "spoil" how to succed the last mission, because I firstly thought it was too difficult because initial targets (units and bunkers in a "forest" base FARP) seemed unreachable.
And I tried so much times anyway.
In fact the trigger in last mission is to destroy a helicopter (with a "rebel chief" inside) that spawns on FARP at a time. The thing is that it needs an enormeous amount of stuff to be destroyed.
I tried on a custom mission to test resistance of transport helicopters when on ground or taking off. But it's OK with two Vickrs for exemple.
In the last "Deployement" mission, the target helicopter needs a BIG amount of everything to be really destroyed. Definitely buggy I'd say (I can't evaluate but I hit him with 5 or 6 vickrs + all my remaining rockets + hundreds of HE and AP rounds....)

So good luck for those who wants to make through it without "cheats".... may the force be with you ?
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Originally Posted by Puddlemonkey View Post
In that respect, I think the sim is a bit lacking, there ought to be a command to the wingman along the lines of 'attack anything suspicious and be quick about it'.

Also, it would be good if you could command the convoy to hold position if you see something suspicious.


I finished this campaign a few years ago and I remember one mission when you have to clean a village to make a convoy to pass. The convoy starts after you shoot one AAA and even tho you know there are still some APCs in the village, there is no way to tell them to hold. Very annoying.

AI wingman is most of the times useless. I used to use him with "cover me" command when I am approaching AOE zone and if there is a AAA waiting for you, he will say "engaging targets" or similar, so you know to stop and start looking around before the bullets come to you other then that he may shoot something but most of the times he is either refusing to attack, will stuck somewhere or instead of shooting vikhrs from distance he will fly on top of aaa/manpads and get shot.
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