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Default About torpedoes incoming on WW2

On MudSpike AMA interview, Wags talk about torpedoes on ships and aircrafts. For now, ED has show some AI units capable of carring torps on WW2.

Some info about torpedoes and procedures on WW2.
A-20G 2000lbs torpedo
Ju-88 LT-2 Torpedoes

Type VII/41 Sub
4 Forward Torpedo tubes with 4 torpedos, 6 torpedo to reload and 1 spare torpedo.
1 Aft Torpedo tube with 1 torpedo, 1 torpedo to reload and 1 spare torpedo.
S-130 E-boat
2 torpedo tubes with 2 torpedoes and 4 torpedos to reload

Torpedo types
LT-2 torpedo has a unguided straight-running torpedo, with a gyroscope controller

G7a Torpedo Wet-heater Stream torpedo (bubble trail).
- Max runing distance: 12000 m (30 kn) / 7500 m (40 kn) / 5000 m (44 kn) (configurable previously launch)
- Speed pressets: 30 kn / 40 kn / 44 kn (last spped only on E-boats) (configurable previously launch)
- Mechanical gyroscope powered by pressurised air (GA VIII) with anglesetting mechanism (+/- 90 degrees from initial course after launch)
Giro angle torpedoes_

G7a (T1) unguided straight-running torpedo, .
G7a (TI) Fat I Wet-heater Stream torpedo (bubble trail), unguided straight-running torpedo with a gyroscope controller and configurable pattern (4 presets) and depth.
G7A (TI) LAT I Wet-heater Stream torpedo (bubble trail), unguided straight-running torpedo with a gyroscope controller and configurable pattern and depth.

FAT configurable patterns:
LAT configurable patterns:

G7e Electric Lead-acid batteries torpedo (no bubble trail)
G7e/T3 unguided straight-running torpedo with mechanical gyroscope powered with anglesetting mechanism
G7e/T4 Falke with acoustic homing mechanisms.
G7es (T5) "Zaunkönig"

Torpedo calculator:

Torpedo Theory
More news to the front
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