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Question SRS & Dedicated Server ?

I have uninstalled the client software from my server and installed the new dedicated server software, while I did this, I upgraded my SRS to 1.6.1 and now I can't connect to the SRS server. Along with a missing mission folder, there is not a script folder in the new dedicated server files. So I added a script folder and added the needed lua file for the auto connection for SRS clients. When I get on the DCS server it asks if I would like to connect to the SRS server but won't connect. My client connected before the changes, any ideas ? Anybody having problems with SRS and the new dedicated server ? previous version of SRS was 1.5.9 . My server and game machine are two separate machines on the same network. I thought maybe I might need to use the sub mask address rather than my IP, but I'm pretty sure my IP worked before the upgrade. I'm at a loss. I know this isn't much info, but it's such an easy install, I don't know what I've missed.
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Since 1.6.1 update my server version of SRS has been randomly shutting down/ disconnecting.

I had this issue a few versions ago, but it resolved itself. Now it seems to be back.

I love SRS, but it just doesn't seem to be as stable as one would like.

If only ED would intergate a proper VOIP system into the radios of the DCS itself. . . I know they said they were looking at this, but development new has dried up.
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Please report issues on Discord -

If they're not reported here I'm unlikely to see them or fix them

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I am using SRS fine on my server, it is running for days and only only gets restart every few days
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I will report it on the SRS Discord. I wasn't sure it was my SRS after installing the DCS Server Software at the same time. Just baffled me, it worked fine with DCS client software running as server and SRS vs. 1.5.9. Will look into some more, thanks guys, your always a good bunch to chat with.
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