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Originally Posted by splash View Post
+1 for F-111 and/or Tornado. First day buying.
Agreed, just the same mind here.

With best regards.
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I'd love me some F-111 of any version please... with a preference for the ones that actually saw combat (A/E/F).

The F-111's were capable of night time all weather low level penetration and strike with very heavy war loads. It was fast, with its speed only limited by airframe temperature. It had incredible range, with two F-111A's sent to its first Paris airshow flying across the Atlantic from the US in one flight without refueling and, get this, without drop tanks. They were used in combat in Vietnam, Libya, Iraq and stood ready in bases in the UK if a shooting war had started in central Europe during the Cold War.
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Originally Posted by Saber42 View Post
but the F-111F hasent flown since 1998. we have newer aircraft in DCS
but several parts of avionics are still secret.
Like with F-117A. Is gone but still under information embargo.

Its not possible create complete DCS modul. There are missing needed data.
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F111! That's a real kickass plane!
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I'd prefer A-6 first but, I would absolutely LOVE an F-111, same for the Tornado and Su-24.

That'd be the holy trinity of swing-wing strikers/interdictors

Crazy speed at crazy low altitude, oldschool TGP, boatload of LGBs, what's not to love?
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I’d rather have SU24 or tornado. Especially the SU24.
Low level interdictions of NATO bases in Cold War scenarios sound sexy as hell and we need more Warsaw Pact airframes.
Sadly I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.
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Nice to see a good deal of F-111 fans around here. I can see why people also vote for a tornado, but for me its just not that special. It doesnt mean that it isn't, it just does not tick all the boxes for me. Also the tornado would be much more of an asset in the Falkland map alongside the Harrier then stand on its own in a new range of possible training and battle maps.

And come on...who doesnt want TFR....flying in total darkness on variabel terrain. And not to forget the Dump and burn feul dump system which lites up the sky in a huge ball of flames... I really hope some day the F-111 will become more then a dream in DCS....

In FSX I find the RAAF F-111 quite a ride and its TFR actually works really well. Sadly no weapons or tack-pack support.

Hopefully one day.....

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please no F-111, Tornado!
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I just wish a mod would fix the title of this thread...
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Originally Posted by Buzzles View Post
I just wish a mod would fix the title of this thread...
I didn't notice that until nhow… +1
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