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Default Whish for the F-111

Hello there people,

After a succesfull swing wing project F-14 I was wondering if Heatblur or any other developer is taking on the F-111 as a future project?

I find it has a lot of features that would suit DSC mission building whell like the TFR and its tactical strike bomber capabilities. And its just a really beautifull special aircraft with a bit a good dose of "if it doesnt work we just keep pumping money into it untill it does" history to it and was updated to perfection, and just as the action was about to die it outbombed the A-10 in a breeze. Although some crashed through airframe/pivotbox failure in the past it was quite a succesfull piece on its own and with that said that monocoque cockpit that enhoused the pilots after ejecting is just one of the details that makes the F-111 what it was.

Since i am dreaming why not add a Vietnam and/ or Australia training map map and a bundle of missions and ground assets to go with it

Just joking a bit but I just hope to trigger a vibe about the F-111 and really hope to see it coming in the future on DCS.


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The 111 would be awesome in DCS.
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^^^^^ +1000, please, lol
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They could certainly leverage their work on the TF-30's thats for sure!

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The F-111 Foxtrot version would be a great addition and a true interdiction aircraft in DCS outside of the nonflyable Su-24.
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Between jester ai, the engines, swing wings, and their ground radar work it just makes too much sense.
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+1! This is 100% of my wish list. To be honest, it pretty much is the No.1 spot on that wish list as far as aircraft are concerned (more realistic fog and weather exist in front of it, but thats all ED).

Not that I don't like other brands - but I think HB is the only developer currently who has the tools already to put it together. Hell I would pay upfront for pre-early access (like, take my money now, develop it and then I get one when it goes to early access). If I could code I would offer those services as well (but I can barely do Power Shell...)
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+1 here too, just as for the A-6 and (who knows 'who', 'if' and 'when') the Tornado IDS/ECR.

With best regards.
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The ultimate Bomb Truck!
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I would much rather the Tornado, bit more variety instead of it primarly being american air frames.
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