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Same here. I was 20 and saw it in the theater. 12 years later, I took flight lessons and got my PPL. Not because of the movie, but because I've had a passion for aviation from birth and an avid flightsimer since 16.

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I was 9, now I'm 39 and the soundtrack is still one of my favorites!

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i was 8, now i´m 40 and after watching it dozen times still lovin the movie
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I was 12 when i watched it...and it ruined my life. I wanted to become a Tomcat pilot afterwards...but i was born and raised in Argentina

Anyway, stopped counting after the 34th time i watched it (VHS + everytime it was repeated on TV).

But, it came at the right time, by then porn was not accesible for a young teenager, internet didn´t exist...so i would pause it many times right here:

And well...you can imagine the rest (or better not )
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I wont ruin it for you by posting a picture of kelly Mcgillis now.


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Hahaha! Don´t worry, i already know...i look at her current picture everytime i miss my grandma.
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Was still in my dad's nutsack for another 6 years. Even so he didnt get to see that movie because dirty imperialistic capitalist propaganda showcasing victory over the proteleriat was not allowed where he was from at that time.

I didnt see top gun until a random tv rerun until I was 16. This may sound like blasphemy, but I didnt get into flight swimming until after I saw behind enemy lines.


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I was a yellow shirt on the deck of the USS Eisenhower, we watched this on closed circuit TV while on a Med cruise. I remember sitting around all the other guys and pointing out all the flaws in the movie regarding flight deck ops. Still a Great Movie,,, still brings a bad a$$ chill!im now 56
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I was 4, now I'm 34. Didn't see Top Gun till a few years later though when my folks finally let me watch it.
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I was 0. I am now 32! Best movie ever.

And it was the main reason why I've become a pilot in RL.
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