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Default Sale error

Hi guys,

I'm getting following...

00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2020-03-24 16:11:38
00000.008 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.17134; Win64; en-US)
00000.008 INFO : cmdline: "F:\DCS World\bin\dcs_updater.exe" --apply install DEKA_JF-17
00000.010 STATUS: Initializing...
00000.013 INFO : basedir: F:\DCS World
00000.013 INFO : branch: 
00000.013 STATUS: Connecting to update servers...
00000.344 INFO : Got reply from
00000.629 INFO : Got reply from
00000.632 STATUS: Verifying cached version info...
00000.841 STATUS: Preparing to install DEKA_JF-17 ...
00001.031 ERROR: Unknown module DEKA_JF-17
00009.061 === Log closed.
Is it me? or is it a bug?
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I believe for the time being JF-17 is compatible with Open Beta only, while you're trying to install it on 2.5.5 Release build. That ain't going to work.
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What's the story of the JF-17 install anyway? Is it just a free week or was it part of a module purchase? I saw it available as an install when I went to install the PG map, but don't recall it being part of the map or carrier module. Info on all this has become a little scattered lately it seems, I keep finding I missed something in Reddit, Discord or Facebook.
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stay at home sales and free trials

was also in our newsletters, steam and facebook.

once a trial is over you will need to remove the module using the module manager in game

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Now the A-10C is the error for me. I got the message from DCS that the A10 was available for a free trial but it doesn't show on any mission after downloading and I get asked for an activation number.
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