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Default 3rd Cougar MFD for MPCD

To anyone who would like a cougar mfd for the lower, center MPCD, if be willing to go in 50/50 on a new set of two. I'd be glad to make the purchase and ship one to you, or vise versa; I'll send the $ for one plus the shipping cost to send one unit me, either way. let me know
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I have one I’m meaning to get rid of, shoot me a pm and I’ll just sell that to you.
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I find quite a bit of benefit using having four, particularly when flying in VR. I use the fourth Cougar for things a want to access quickly and just with muscle memory. For example, along the top row I have the different views F1, F2, F10 etc. On the left side I have kneeboard buttons, top left corner I have Escape, top right corner Eject, bottom row I have the flashlight, NVGs etc and Salute. I'd struggle without the fourth one these days and never have to use the keyboard in sim.
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