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Post Campaign feedback and issues

So I'm almost done with the campaign, need to retry the last mission, but wanted to leave my feedback, as it was one of the most rewarding experiences, in simming, so far:


Missions 1-7: No issues, execept on mission 4 due to pathfinding at the end, but it was fixed on the latest stable patch.

Mission 7: As soon as it started there were a few dialog lines out of sequence, namely the ones regarding the container ship being near the shore. Once airborne and near the ship, those same lines replayed, so it wasn't a big issue. Then when at X-field, it seemed that after the gunner leaves and comes back, it's missing a line to tell you to takeoff and go for the mortars. I waited a few minutes for it to show, but decided to takeoff anyway and head for the targets. All was well after that.

Missions 8: Got 100 percent but didn't advanced to mission 9 (reported here

Missions 9: At the start, there were no instructions from ATC to taxi, even after setting the correct frequency. I started the taxi anyway and the dialog finally triggered midway to the holding point

Mission 10: No issues, I enjoyed that you have to be really attentive to the dialog so you don't get lost, and use the embark/disembark commands.

Mission 11: Forcing the player to go through a thorough startup checklist procedure after a whole campaign where you're told to just start the engines, is not fun..
But anyway the issue I had is that I approached the first site right over the apc, missed the radar , destroyed 3 of the missiles and got told the 2 min had passed and had to duck into the valley. Landed with some distance from the target zone, as requested, but then, after a few minutes, nothing happened. Maybe it was because I didn't destroy the radar? It becomes really difficult to do another run because the units are now on alert and all those lights mess with the NV goggle. But it was my fault so I'll do it again.
Edit: Finished this mission by destroying only the radar, that was enough for Sandman to go in and cooked them. The other issue I had was at the beginning, after setting the radio to command freq. nothing happened. So I departed, headed to the harbour and the script for the Batumi tower, triggered.

Finally, apologise for this, but the english dialog lines are full of errors (I'm not english native either so this post is probably full of them as well ). It seems that some speech-to-text program was used and missed half the words, or someone was having fun while typing them . You can still make out that's intended but it breaks a bit of the immersion.

As others have said in this forum, it was great to see the level of detail and effort put into making the campaign very alive and dynamic along with the dialogs and sequence of events on each mission.

It was also very rewarding to feel my piloting skills improve from start to the end of the campaign, and my admiration for the huey getting stronger. It'll be my favorite heli for a very long time and I feel this campaign really made it shine and put into perspective the workhorse that it is.

A friend of mine, who really had the chance to flew it, recommended me this book, Chickenhawk, from a former Vietnam huey pilot. Some of the techniques he describes during his instruction were really helpful on some missions, especially departing overweight from tight spots as well as formation flying. So I'd recommend that to anyone flying this campaign.

Sorry for the long post, keep up the great work and looking forward for the next missions!

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I also am enjoying the campaign immensely. I really hope the developer makes a campaign for the upcoming Hind!
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