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Originally Posted by IronMike View Post
The active range is 15km, which is 7nm. (iirc I said 15nm somewhere, but that was a mistake, I think I edited it afterwards.) Yet without checking it, for you it makes it 4x worse. Removing the phoenix or crippling it, would not make it more realistic for everyone else. It would only make the game more like you want it to be. And that it is active atm before being pitbull is a bug, and not something that we actively wanted, I mean, do you even listen to yourself? You are throwing around some pretty heavy accusations here, and I urge you to stop suggesting that we make the phoenix tougher to defeat on purpose, especially since everyone, including you, knows that these bugs do not exist on our side. So please stop saying "what Heatblur wants or does not want", because you obviously don't know what we want. And we most certainly do not want to make the Tomcat more powerful than it should be, or Multiplayer more miserable for you. It could not be further from the truth.

That said, please stop hijacking this thread for your personal "crusade against the phoenix". Sorry, but this is what it is. We accepted all your factual points, yet the missile can still be defeated easily enough in the opinion of most (doesn't matter if you disagree), and the rest will be addressed in due time. I am saying this to you now for at least the 5th time. But you continue to be very loud and vocal, while you do not even fly the Tomcat, so you have no real insight into the other side, and yet you demand from us we should take your input as objective and as the ultimate guideline for our next steps. You keep making the same point and it is getting really old.

Introducing workarounds on our part to mitigate for flaws that are not on our part is about the worst idea you can have in development. In 99% of the cases it introduces more problems than it fixes, if not now, then further down the line. Besides you still do not get it: we cannot do anything like that, because if we could, we could introduce the guidance as it should be anyway. Then the bugs on ED side would still need to get fixed. Our job we set out to do was to make the most realistic recreation of the Tomcat possible within the limits of DCS. Fixing the flaws that are not native to our module, or not coded on our side, is simply not our job.

The missile as is, is the best compromise for the time being, so please get over it, because this is not like certain servers, where your constant complaining will get you your way. I hope you will forgive us, if we are guided by the decision what makes it closest to reality and the best compromise for everyone, and not cripple it for all of our customers and everyone else who doesn't mind it, because literally not much more than a handful of people have issues with how you can or cannot notch it at the moment - due to a bug that is not even on our side. I don't think you really see how selfish and one sided that is from you to expect. Which is why I will say this very clearly now: this is a dead end for you. Your opinion is one opinion out of thousands in DCS, whom we all have to take into account (just like we did yours). Don't get me wrong: this is not your opinion against mine. This is your opinion against what is sensible in terms of development and what is feasible. And you will forgive us, if in that matter we reserve the final word for ourselves.

If you cannot enjoy Multiplayer, we feel sorry about it, but please do not come here trying to put the blame on us or on a missile, because you cannot deal with a temporary problem like everyone else. We acknowledged its issues, we are aware of them, now please be so kind and show the same patience as everyone else.
Nailed it.....
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