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Default AI Controlled Huey door gunners ever going to be fixed?

Are Belsimtek or ED ever going to fix the problem with the AI controlled Huey door gunners not working? (I am talking about the door gunners on a AI huey)
Come on guys it has been broken for 4 years so far is it ever going to get fixed!
or is this in the too hard basket? (or couldnt give a shit, I got your money anyway) I think the latter.
ED has managed to get B17 gunners working why cant they get the hueys to do the same.
Surely it almost the same code used.
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+1 this , new modules coming and old broken. Please fix this

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I just started getting into the Huey and have found that my door gunners with free fire ROE wont engage enemy helicopters. They would help a lot when going up against an Mi-24. This is on a mission I created so I may have something bugged but after multiple engagements they wont fire.

Edit: I just did the mission again and the door gunners engaged the helos. Must have been a mission bug.
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Would make a hell of a difference.
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Even then...Please fix them all the way if you could, not just a half fix like the embark feature that was only fixed in a hobbled sort of way.
I am failing to understand all of this half patch and that's ok for now attitude. It's very annoying and is now stopping me from further purchases.
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