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Default [REPORTED]Need modules for load mission f4-E

it's in dcs 2.5 open beta, but its strange, because this module it is still not available and it is a HUEY CAMPAIGN.
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I've got this bug as well in 2.5 on mission 3
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Hi guys,

Same issue, I posted a solution to get to mission 4, as we cannot jump in and use F10


good flight
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Same issue here, hope this gets fixed ASAP.
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No solution in the latest hotfix. Are we really going to have to wait a week for a fix at the earliest?
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Hi all

sorry for the delay I over looked this thread.

It has been reported to the team and hopefully we wont have to wait to long for a fix

Currently on a break, please contact NineLine for assistance. Thanks
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I've got the same issue for the Museum Relic Campaign, it occurred right after completing the 14th mission (mission 8.6 I believe)

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I found a workaround that will let you fly missions affected by this bug. The steps are here:

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As Ralgha say above then we can edit the mission our self...
( warning make a backup of your original file )

I can confim that the below method is working, and you will be able to start mission 3.
- However be aware that you have to sling some cargo in the start of mission 3, and that the cargo is very bugged.. The physics are very wrong and your 300kg load swing like it is waying 0kg... even when i hover and very slow
start to fly forward it start to swing totaly insane and the 3 times i tried it every time swing above my rotor blades..
So mission 3 have a serious unplayable bug.

How to play mission 3.
I found some similar information about the topic, someone write on redit

You might be able to modify it, but it might upset IC/authorization.
Open up the miz in 7zip or whatever is your favorite zip based program. Extract the "mission" file within. Open that up in notepad++. Remove the line ["F-4E by Belsimtek"] = "F-4E by Belsimtek",
Resave the file, make sure not to add any extensions. Paste the file over the old one within the .miz. Close zip program, launch the game, and take a shot of your favorite whiskey for good luck.

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