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View Poll Results: The S-3B Viking should be added to the modules
Yes, we are interested in Navy Carrier Aircraft 41 67.21%
Yes but.....(explain in comments section) 5 8.20%
No.......(explain in comments section) 11 18.03%
No, I only fly fighters because I am too cool for anything else! 4 6.56%
Voters: 61. You may not vote on this poll

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We already have the engine in the game, after all

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Love it! I would fly it.
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Originally Posted by Darkwolf View Post
We already have the engine in the game, after all

I'm just wondering how the multi stations would be handled. The TACCO is the one who fires the missiles. The SENSO is the one who finds the targets and sends them to the TACCO. The pilot just fly's the plane. The COTAC is the co-pilot. I'm assuming he is a bombardier just like in the A-6E.


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I voted yes,but like someone else said.We need submarines and a naval combined arms type of simulator were we can battle it out on the high seas.
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Any thoughts on this actually happening?
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As FC2 was discontinued a couple years ago, most likely not...

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I would definitely vote for such an aircraft. +1

Lately I read a good comment about balancing. I guess this wouldn't be an issue as we mainly not really getting eastern and European planes and even a Christen Eagle has a chance (hopefully not offending anyone here right now...).
We're also getting a bunch of 'more-or-less'-fighters now and such an aircraft would even balance things a bit more.

1.It would be a reason for ED to improve the Naval aspect of CA and how the Naval stuff works in DCS.
2. It wouldn't be something like a C-130, which some people also don't like, because it would "only be for transporting". (not my opinion)
-> it would right fit in-between. A little bit of A/A refuelling, a good amount of ASW and ASuW, and a little bit of transporting goods. Lets get a bit of logistics but with weapon capability.

At least the forum is present so that ED can read our thoughts and think about it. I would also prefer other planes in advance, but who is wanting their favourite airplane of childhood days...
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If we we're to get something like a later model S-3B it would actually be quite interesting because of it's implementation of multi-crew as well as being quite an effective ground striker.
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I'd like to see an S-3 in DCS...
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Honestly ID like to see the A-6

they could actually make the proposed F version to save development time since it was going to use the Same radar and F404's without the burners as the F/A-18C. which if I was ED id go that route and use the same assets for the Intruder. the aircraft sits on the deck of the intrepid museum so access to the cockpit is there i would think.
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naval, navy, s-3, s-3b, viking

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