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Default Right Rudder Pedal Authority

I’ve been noticing in some of the Mi8 campaign mission, that when progressing into a hover from a stationary point on the ground, that no right pedal input is required. There are no heavy Head on winds that may Account for a reduction of pedal input, but for none at all, isn’t right. Anyone else noticed this?
Tail rotor trim is off, so is auto pilot assist in the Mi8 specials menu.
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Only if I'm very gentle with the collective, and the heading channel of the AP is engaged.

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This version of the Mi-8 has 100% control authority in the yaw axis. If you have your feet off the pedals and the yaw channel of the autopilot is engaged, the autopilot will attempt to hold your heading by applying tail rotor pitch as necessary, through the full movement of the pedals. If it's doing this, the pedals should be seen to move on their own even without you touching them.
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perfectly explained.
Personally, I prefer only the pitch AP on my MI-8. I only activate the others if I gain altitude and fly long range.
It should be noted that the yaw AP physically holds the pedals in its current state until a trim reset is activated.
Activating the pedals by physically moving them does not reset this AP idea of centre which bears no resemblance to hardware pedal centre.

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Unfortunately it’s non of the above. Today, I was flying one of the missions in the new One Mi8 campaign, based in artic conditions. The aircraft was heavy, all the Engine anti icing equipment was turned manually etc. so the engines were working hard, I only engage the AP (middle button), I never use the others unless it’s a long flight. I had to pull a lot of pitch but no right pedal, however, as speed is increasing, I’m having to apply left pedal ( which is normal) to prevent the aircraft from slipping. I’m at a loss as to why, in all of the other helicopter modules, pedal torque input is required during take off, hovering etc.
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There are only two things you can do so we have a chance to nail this problem with you.

1. go to options -> special -> MI-8MTV2 - check if Rudder trimmer is set
That could be your problem, if not:
2. in your mission press right control + enter and bring up the input control indicator(check for strange input behaviour), replicate your problem, quit the mission and save the track file(lower middle button on the mission result screen) and upload it here
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