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Practice the sight picture, no matter your altitude or approach heading, if you manage to get the sight picture right your dive angle will be good.
Then it's a matter of getting the speed and release right.

But really, sight picture is most important. Use tacview to compare the results between each bombing run and go from there.

For me, raising the seat fully and putting the target between the mirror and canopy bow usually gives me close to a 20 degree dive. Leaning left and putting the target on the canopy bow makes 30. Release slightly before your target altitude as the altimeter has a couple hundred feet of lag.

I primarily use the patterns as described in the manual.
20 degree - start 5000 AGL, release 1500 AGL, depression 80
30 degree - start 6000 AGL, release 2000 AGL, depression 79
entry at 350 KIAS, exit 400 KIAS

As with any manual bombing run: More bombs better. It's okay to ripple 4-5 bombs to take out a single tank.
I can drop a pair of Mk-82s on target on a good day without wind, but if there's any other factors involved it becomes a bit of a crapshoot
anywhere within 150 feet is a very good release and would take out anything with light or no armour.

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Originally Posted by Zad Fnark View Post
Seems like lot of the "old" bombing systems center at a 3,000 ft release point at a 30 degree dive. Just need to set the right mils on the sight.
Yes exactly this ^^^^.

Keeping as many variables consistent and repeatable in high pressure/threat environments. The trigonometry of those numbers gives a slant range of 2000 yards, so aircraft with ground ranging radars (eg A-4) had slant range scales so the pilot could pickle at 2000 yards, while diving with the above parameters. For non-radar aircraft, the slant range is still 2000 yards. The reticle depression Mils setting could then be adjusted to the ballistics of different ordinances.


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As long as you understand the setup for bombing, it's actually very easy.
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Another thing that can help is dropping more than one bomb in a pass. Kind of painful to do when you have limited stores, but by doing so it helps you have better chances of at least one of them hitting
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It’s not too bad but don’t expect to be super accurate. Set sight to -80 mils, dive at 30ish degree angle with sight a little below the target and let the sight “walk up” to the target. Release multiple bombs and pull out before 1500 ft or so. Should get in the ballpark.
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I'm new to DCS and the F-5E, but messing around last night I found what seems to be a relatively reliable way to hit things with Mk 82 Snakeyes, or at least a good starting point for more experimentation. Set the gunsight to Manual mode and set a depression of 100 mils. Set the snakes up for ripple, 0.10 seconds timing. Fly at 300 ft and 400 kts, and drop when the pipper is on the target. Remember to hold the pickle until all the bombs are gone.

That gives you enough speed and altitude for the snakes to deploy and not blow yourself up, but low enough that you should be pretty hard to hit with AAA. I haven't tested it very much yet, but with the center rack of 5 bombs I was able to take out single vehicles.

When fully loaded the F-5 should be able to do over 400 kts if you let it accelerate for a while in straight and level flight, so you may have to slow down near the target or pop out your speedbrakes for a bit, or figure out some other mil setting for the sight for higher speed. I have read that Snakeyes have a max drop speed of 450 kts (any faster and the drag fins may not deploy correctly), although I haven't tested that in the game.
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Practice and do a BDA after each drop. If your dive parameters are not up to the book you can always adjust your pipper while you dive towards target. This was a practice often used in F-105's or F-4 during Vietnam when the mills where adjusted in the "chute". But you have to have the values in your head to be able to quickly adjust. Also with practice you will be able to drop under your aiming point or over depending on your dive parameters.

It takes time to do it, but man, there's no better feeling when you put them wherever you want them to go, or when you take a column of vehicles from one end to the other with a nice bomb run. Beats any CCIP run.
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Hey ho,

I just compared the MIL values of the real AF T.O. with the ones in the DCS manual.
(T.O. 1F-5E-34-1-1-1980) I wont post it for obvious reasons.

DCS manual says:
20°, 1500ft, 400KIAS -> 80 MILS
30°, 2000ft, 440KIAS -> 79 MILS

T.O. says:
20°, 1500ft, 400KIAS -> 120 MILS (Section VI, Table 6-10. (Sheet 3), page 6-59)
30°, 2000ft, 440KIAS -> 96 MILS ( as above (Sheet 4), page 6-60)

Maybe I am digging in already reported stuff, please tell me.

Anybody knows why there is such discrepancy?
Which ones are best to use? I want to do it by book.
Thumb rules are welcome, I have read a few, but procedures would be ideal.
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I wonder if the DCS/RL table differences relate to some of the Drag coefficient wonkiness that's been noticed in multiple modules.
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IMHO the F-5 is probably the best plane to learn manual bombing. It has a decent bomb load and the stability augmentation makes it easy to roll out on target and take a good aim. The one thing it's missing is better bombing tables (but that's common to most DCS aircraft, I think only the Mi-8 has decent tables).

I found bombing in the L-39 and MiG-15 to be significantly harder.
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