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Really looking forward to the Mig-23 Flogger. Happy Holidays! :-)

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Merry Christmas guys.

Looking forward to the old stuff being finished and the new stuff coming online.
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Sea Harrier FRS1!!!!! I didn't know you guys were doing a Sea Harrier Man that will bring back memories, spent 3 years working on the SHAR, and the only fast jet I ever managed to get a trip in! I remember her with much fondness and a few scars on my hands to prove she was once there Look forward to that release.

Happy Christmas to all at RAZBAM, hope 2020 is a great year for you all
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Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
That's been known for quite some time. You can already find early WIP screenshots of the Sea Harrier in the South Atlantic thread.
News to me! I knew it had been bandied about, but I didn't know it had actually started/entered planning
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Merry Christmas to the team and a successful 2020!

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Merry Christmas! Hope you the best in the upcoming year.

Enviado desde mi SM-G950F mediante Tapatalk
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Originally Posted by zhukov032186 View Post
News to me! I knew it had been bandied about, but I didn't know it had actually started/entered planning

Here you go

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Yummy, that looks like a great year ahead, merry Xmas guys!
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Happy Holliday's!

Have a fun time so MiG-23MLA can proceed really well. ;-)
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Great news, thanks. Merry Christmas

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