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T/O and recovery GW is a managed aspect of aviation. You can't have everything you want, at any time. THere are minimums and limitations.
In RW aviation, T/O is considered most risky and mishap prone, of all phases of flight. Carrier recoveries are an exception. At T/O aircraft is at its heaviest, unless T/O is done with low fuel, and then in-flight right after T/O. But there is still all that ordinance or cargo, that gravity is fighting to keep on ground.

A-29B should also be to , at least in DCS, to T/O from ramp equipped carriers. Hermes1980, Kuz. Possibly from LHA.
Recovery would be interesting. To recover on Kuz, and Hermes, is possible, without arrestor gear. Good 20 knot WOD, empty aircraft with low fuel. Land along length chord of vessel, don't flare, but main needs to touch first. Reverse prop pitch, max brakes, and count on bow ramp to stop A-29 before it runs out of deck. But, I am speculating.
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Well.. no status is also kind of a status...
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Not much to look at… yet.

Jose Valdez
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any news?
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