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Nine, asks" Let me know what you want to talk to ED about, or who at ED you want to talk to!"

I would like to know who are the coders, who is their boss and who makes the decisions and has the final say on what is being developed. Be nice to know all the people involved with ED. I wonder how many people work on DCS and only DCS? Or does everyone at ED work on many projects in addition too DCS?

How about introductions to all the folks at ED and maybe a tour of the facility. Its hard to choose when you do not know who.....and what they do.

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Bring on the dude that has been in charge of explosions and effects from lockon till recently...
He must be a really good friend of the entire team...


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Two things If FC4 info is not yet available:

- Will the blast and frag damage be remodeled?

- Will RAF Akrotiri airbase be part of the Syria map?
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First, i think these Q&A's are extremely valuable for the community to get an inside in the "bigger plan" - very big thanks for that

The Question:

I would like to know if ED plans to release future aircraft possibly with upgrade packs or release upgrade packs for them. E.g. with the announced F-16C there are so many different versions out there. Will this be handled like with the Hornet, that ED pics a specific Airframe from a specific Lot of a specific Block or will these over time highly upgraded airframes be sold with the possibility of bying certain upgrade packs as addons?

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Chizh Q&A? (Does it require a Russian translator?)
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Originally Posted by NineLine View Post
So seeing as the previous Q&A with Nick was so well received, lets do another.

What would you like to do for the next Q&A, is there an individual or a subject you would like to see a series of questions on?

You can find the previous Q&A here:

Let me know what you want to talk to ED about, or who at ED you want to talk to!

Once I get some good ideas from you, I will take them back to the team and set up the next questions gathering thread.


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I would like to hear about virtual reality and multi-crew developments.

Is there anything about plans for a DCS or flaming cliffs level experiences involving aircraft like a AH1 cobra or A6 intruder that involve a more hands multiplayer experience? (Other than the back seat L39)

Netcode and sync issues that limit such capability?
Will the huey and gazelle have proper vr suppprt for the doorgunners, let alone the multiseat slots them selves?

As a oculus rift user, i am dying to have a this kind of experience.. to promote online play and virtual reality.

Speaking of virtual reality.. i hope we can have the mouse right click function.. is there anything beyond for VR motion controls for in game functionality?

Thanks for any comments on this topic
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Recently on about 5/14/2018 ED posted an add in russian looking for an experienced RTS developer. Is Eagle Dynamics planning on hiring that party on to work on Dynamic campaigns or improvements to the Mission Editor?
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Wouldn't mind c0ff or Chizh, just to get the nuts and bolts architecture of DCS, and maybe how it has evolved over time from Flanker (if Chizh was around back then)

Also the vision for the future DCS architecture. I see hints of a general Server/Client model being pursued, but overall it'd be nice to know a bit of technical detail as to how it all hooks together (not that I'm at all technical when it comers to programming).

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I suppose Mr. Nick would also be good this time.

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